Cargo Roof Bars 1.0

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A set of roof bars to add to the top of our TentBox Cargo. Great for carrying bikes, kayaks, and more!

There's a t-slot channel along the top for attaching roof bar accessories, like bike racks or the Cargo Storage Box. Also, you'll find a metal bar on the mounts for feeding webbing straps through, so you can easily tie down gear. 

Easy installation process using an allen key.

Weight: 8kg

Important: take the additional weight of these roof bars into consideration, as well as the weight of items installed onto them. If you have any questions, contact us.

Compatible with the TentBox Cargo 1.0, when bought before the 20th November 2023. If you have a Cargo 1.0, bought after the 20th November, you will need the Cargo Roof Bars 2.0