Chatting to TentBox Ambassador Richard Sayer About His TentBox Cargo 
Chatting to TentBox Ambassador Richard Sayer About His TentBox Cargo 

Chatting to TentBox Ambassador Richard Sayer About His TentBox Cargo 

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May 23, 2023

We caught up with TentBox ambassador Richard Sayer on the things that he’s most excited for once lockdown is over. Richard is a valued member of the TentBox community, having recently retired and opted for a completely new lifestyle.

Richard went from being a hardcore city worker, who regularly travelled with work, to someone who wants to travel recreationally as and when he pleases. This lifestyle change prompted Richard to invest in a TentBox to go on top of his Porsche Macan. At 55, Richard realised that he wasn’t getting any younger, and he really wanted to tick off some of the places on his bucket list and get travelling whilst he’s still fit and healthy.

He was lucky enough to be able to stop working and commit to this incredible lifestyle change, but sadly the lockdown in the UK has stopped him from being able to get started with his dreams of the roof top tent travel! We wanted to catch up with him to chat about why he chose TentBox and what he hopes to do with it once lockdown is over.

The TentBox Travelling Lifestyle

Richard has a really exciting and unique perspective on travel now that he’s stopped working. He plans to take one big trip a year – which will likely be overseas somewhere a little further – and then spend the rest of the time venturing around the UK and Europe.

He kick started this dream in Jan with a big trip to Australia and New Zealand and planned to take a break for a couple of months afterwards and then explore Europe with his TentBox. With travelling completely put on hold due to the lockdown situation, his plans to get back on the road will be up and running as soon as he can.

Richard loves being in the UK countryside, so the TentBox lifestyle is ideal for him. His dream is to do extended travelling through the UK and Europe as and when he feels like it. “I really want to see more of the UK” he said “When the weather is good there’s so much to do. I live in South Wales and the beaches along the Pembrokeshire Coast are simply stunning, as well as the mountains and walking tracks around here too”.

Richard loves walking, cycling, hiking and paddleboarding, so having a TentBox to come back to as he travels to these remote and beautiful places is ideal. “Often the routes I like to take would be difficult to camp at with a normal tent, and very uncomfortable. With a TentBox I’m able to just park up and get my exercise in and then return to my TentBox for a bit of comfort once I’m done”.

As far as getting into nature when lockdown goes, Richard is spoilt for choice when it comes to his local natural landscapes. He told us that his home backs onto the water in South Wales and he’s just a stone’s throw away from some of the UK’s most beautiful hiking trails – we’re very jealous!

TentBox Will Allow Richard To Live His Travel Dreams

Richard told us that he’s super excited for the lockdown to be lifted, and the thought of camping in the UK whilst going on hiking and cycling trips is keeping him going.

“I want the freedom to go away whenever I like, and my TentBox allows me to do that. I’d never seen a roof top tent before last year, when this family camping near me pulled up and I was blown away – it was amazing to see it just pop up”. Richard loved how simple the design was and how it popped up in seconds, and decided that he wanted one to make his travel plans so much easier.

He did his research and found that the TentBox models offered the most lightweight designs, using the best materials, for the best value for money. The fact that it was a company founded by two brothers from the UK was also something that Richard really liked and eventually he went for The TentBox Cargo to go on top of his Porsche.

Camp Out For The NHS

Since we’ve been in lockdown, Richard has been able to use his TentBox but not for travel as you would imagine. He’s made a quick trip to the end of his road to the beach for his exercise, in which he camped out in the TentBox, and has also participated in the Camp Out For The NHS challenge that many of the TentBox community got behind. This campout involved camping in your own space – in a garden or driveway and then donating £5 to the NHS.

Once this is all over, Richard hopes to get his travels adventures fully started, and is excited to travel the UK and Europe with his TentBox. “TentBox offers more comfort than a tent at less cost than a campervan, so it’s a really perfect middle ground. For the amount of travel you can get out of them, they’re relatively low cost and are ideal for wild campers who want to get into nature regularly”.

We’re over the moon that Richard is so happy with his purchase – despite the lockdown measures putting a slight hold on all of his plans! For more information on how our community travels with their TentBox, take a look at our Meet The Community page. Plus, if you’re interested in getting your own TentBox to go on an adventure of your own when lockdown is over, then browse our TentBox Collection today.

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