Ambassador Jamie Wright Talks About Why He Chose TentBox
Ambassador Jamie Wright Talks About Why He Chose TentBox

Ambassador Jamie Wright Talks About Why He Chose TentBox

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

At TentBox, we pride ourselves on creating a community of like minded people who love our product as much as we do. For many of our customers, TentBox offers them a complete lifestyle change, so we like to catch up with them to discuss the benefits of TentBox and the reasons why other people might consider getting one.

We recently caught up with TentBox Ambassador – Jamie Wright – to chat about the reasons he loves TentBox and how he uses it. Take a look at what he had to say, to see if a TentBox could be a good investment for you.

What is the best thing about having a TentBox?

I like to go on spontaneous trips, so TentBox is ideal for me. I can choose to sleep on my roof whenever I like, and don’t have to plan a trip to get away. Since having a TentBox, I’ve gone on a lot more last minute adventures. Not all of my trips are planned so having a TentBox permanently on my roof really works with my random life.

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Why did you choose TentBox?

I looked at many hard shell roof tents around the same price range and found that TentBox was by far the best option. I did my research by looking online and at overland shows, but none of the other tents had the same quality that I instantly felt with the TentBox.

When I first started looking for a hard shell roof tent I was convinced that one of the cheaper non branded ones would work for me and would be able to offer the same service. However, with all the TentBox extras – the mattress, waterproofing and overall quality – there really is no comparison between TentBox and a cheaper brand. I am so glad I looked at the TentBox before opting for a cheaper brand, as I would have been extremely disappointed.

What is your favourite TentBox memory?

For me, it’s got to be the first time I woke up in my TentBox and realised I had made the right decision. I instantly knew that I was going to have so much fun with my new mobile sleeping space and knew there would be many more happy memories to be made in the future.

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Where have you been with your TentBox?

With everything that’s been going on, I’ve still been really lucky and have been able to travel locally. I’ve had access to private farm land with some beautiful lakes on, which have kept me occupied during the lockdown period.

The NC500 route in Scotland was meant to be my first real travelling and equipment testing trip at the end of March but that had to be postponed because of the recent UK lockdown. That will be my next trip as soon as we’re able to travel again.

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Where would you like to go with TentBox?

After the lockdown I have plans to complete my Scotland trip and travel around the UK. Once travel becomes easier again I’m thinking of doing a summer trip to Portugal for some 4×4 overland driving. I’d love to spend some time at as many beaches as possible during the warmer months.

I would also love to travel to Norway on a winter trip as the northern lights are something that I have always wanted to experience. Eventually I will travel to Croatia and Mongolia over the next few years too. I’m sure my plans will change and I will add to my list but that is the beauty of having my TentBox.

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