Our troops on the ground, our Ambassadors are ready to give you a demo of their TentBox.

What are TentBox Ambassadors?

TentBox Ambassadors are our troops on the ground. As existing TentBox owners, they spread their passion for the brand far and wide.

As well as embracing the TentBox lifestyle and being seen adventuring across the globe, they also have the ability to show off the product from a customers point of view, earn money by selling our products, and offer exclusive discounts to first time buyers!

To show our love and appreciation, TentBox HQ send a selection of goodies and rewards to all of our Ambassadors.

If you would like to become a TentBox Ambassador, you must own your own TentBox and we’ll send you an invite a month or so after you purchase.

Why become an Ambassador?

The TentBox Ambassadors are the leaders of our community, they represent TentBox with passion and pride and are the epitome of what we stand for.

When you are an owner of a TentBox, you quickly see that everyone loves it and want to know the details!

So as our elite of TentBoxers on the road, our Ambassadors are able to earn and give rewards by promoting the product and brand to other potential buyers. These rewards only get better, as the more referrals you make the greater the rewards!

What are the rewards?

Our Ambassadors not only get a financial reward for every sale they make using their exclusive code, but they get the chance to boost those earnings through a tiered leveling system, from Bronze to Silver, to Gold, the rewards just keep coming!

βœ… Give discount to friends, family, and people you meet

βœ… Earn commission based on referrals

βœ… Automatic 30 day payouts, all in their own personal portal.

βœ… Exclusive epic Ambassador events


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