Best campervan alternative

TentBox vs. Campervan

✅ Easier  ✅ More Affordable  ✅ Similar Result

Buying, maintaining, and travelling in a campervan is expensive. 

A TentBox is an affordable alternative, that fits on your current car, and gives you a very similar experience.

More Affordable

A TentBox is a cost effective way to turn your car into a campervan.

  • Cheaper initial cost
  • Lower campsite fees
  • No cost to maintain an additional vehicle
  • Lower fuel costs

Cost Comparison

Cost type TentBox Campervan
Initial cost £1,250 - £2,750 £20,000 - £60,000
Tax cost £0
(you already tax your car)
£265 / year
Insurance cost £0
(you already insure your car)
£500 - £1250 / year
Maintenance cost £0
(you already maintain your car)
£500 - £1000 / year
Fuel costs* £170 / year £250 / year
Campsite costs** £500 / year £750 / year
Total Cost £1250 - £2750 up front

£670 / year
£10,000 - £60,000 up front

£2265 - £3265 / year

*based on 5 yearly trips, 200 miles per trip

**based on 5 yearly trips, 5 nights at a campsite per trip

A campervan can cost up to £58,000 more up-front, and £2500 more per year!

Man sitting in TentBox Classic, enjoying a view over a lake

A Similar Result

A TentBox gives you a very similar experience to a Campervan.

  • A quick and easy mobile sleeping unit
  • Comfortable and close to nature
  • Lower costs
  • More comparisons below 👇

Feature Comparison

Feature TentBox Campervan
Quick set-up ✅ Yes (30-60 seconds) ✅ Yes
Easy to use ✅ Yes ✅ Yes (if you are ok driving a van)
Spontaneous getaways ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Freedom ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Adventure ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Close to nature ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Can sleep in car parks / lay-bys ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Comfortable ✅ Yes (built in mattress) ✅ Yes
Sleeps Up to 3 Up to 6
Living area Need to purchase a gazebo / awning Built in
Kitchen area Need to purchase a camping kitchen Built in
Cost Low High
Two TentBox Lite 1.0 roof tents installed on different cars, parked at a camp site

A TentBox is Easier

A TentBox is an easy way to live the vanlife, without needing a van.

  • No need to purchase an additional vehicle
  • Fits easily on any car
  • You can take it off when not using it
  • If you buy a new car, you can transfer it over
TentBox Lite 1.0 in orange, mounted to an orange Jeep, set-up at a campsite


Although a campervan can sometimes sleep more, and often has a living and kitchen area built in, it is possible to customise your TentBox set-up to accommodate all of these things, for very little cost. 

Live the vanlife dream

Almost everyone aspires to live the vanlife dream: freedom, roadtripping and exploration. The only problem is that it costs an absolute bomb to achieve this!

TentBox was set-up to bring the vanlife to people without a van.

A TentBox is the best alternative to a campervan, and makes car camping accessible to all.