Travel after lockdown: what can we expect?
Travel after lockdown: what can we expect?

Travel after lockdown: what can we expect?

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Lockdown has turned all of our world’s upside down. Although it’s been a challenge for us all, this strange period will be over soon enough and we’ll all be free to roam once again (thank god!)

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already bored of being stuck indoors even though it’s only been a few weeks. Although, we’re all getting cabin fever, the lockdown measures are definitely getting us excited for the moment we can all get out and travel again!

To provide a little inspiration and help you plan your next post-isolation trip, discover the ways that the travel industry might change after lockdown and take a look at your options.

1. Staycations will rise in popularity

This trend is already beginning, with many people abandoning any idea of an overseas holiday for the foreseeable. Figures released by the International Air Transport Association show that this trend was already in full swing in January, which provided the lowest monthly increase in global airline passengers since 2010, when the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud disrupted travel.

Staycations will likely rise in the coming months and years in the UK, as people decide to make the most of the beautiful landscapes they have on their doorsteps. Since being cooped up in our homes, many of us have come to appreciate the things we took for granted before, like vast expanses of countryside, natural lakes and mountains and beautiful UK towns and villages that are a stone’s throw away.

With all the time in the world to get planning your next trip, why not research some of the most beautiful places in the UK to visit after lockdown? For more inspiration on UK breaks, take a look at how one of our TentBox ambassadors uses their TentBox to travel the UK.

2. People will take more frequent, shorter breaks

If our time cooped up at home has taught us anything about travel, it’s that we love to do it. Whether that’s something as small as taking a trip to a local natural landscape, or flying overseas, we love to get away. The inability to leave a small amount of space is incredibly challenging for most humans, since we love to roam and explore new places.

Our prediction is that people are likely to take frequent, shorter breaks that allow them to explore new areas more regularly. We’re all so bored of our tiny villages/ towns/ local parks that we’ve spent the last month walking around once a day, so we’ll want to get out and see what the rest of the country has to offer.

Micro breaks that allow people to get out and about and breathe in the fresh air on a weekend break or overnight trip will become more popular as people start to appreciate the great outdoors. As soon as this lockdown is lifted, we’re all going to be so excited that we can actually go out, and that is likely to prompt spontaneous, short break travel.

If this sounds like something you want to try out once isolation is over, take a look at how our ambassador Tom O’Hare goes on micro-adventures in the UK.

3. International travel will become less trusted

With everything that has happened in recent months, overseas travel will become a lot less trusted. From hotel bookings to flights and excursions, people are likely to become less reliant on external travel providers in favour of organising their

Many international travel companies have also suffered a hit to their brand reputation and lost consumer trust, which is tempting people to become more self-reliant with their travel plans. People are more likely to stay in their native country and camp or use peer to peer travel apps like AirBnB that will be deemed more reliable than other options. This sense of freedom when it comes to travel is what will attract people to staycations and UK travel as opposed to overseas trips.

Why Will The Rise In Staycations Be A Positive Thing?

The UK is full of amazing locations and different landscapes just a stone’s throw away from each other. We are so lucky that we can travel the stretch of the UK in a day and experience multiple cultures and landscapes as we go.

Here’s why the comeback of the staycation is a great thing:

It’s better for the environment

    One good thing that has come from this uncertain period is that pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have lowered significantly. It’s thought that this shift will tempt people to staycation as opposed to using air travel, which as we all know is very bad for the environment. We’ve always known that staycations are better for the environment, but with pollution in New York reduced by nearly 50%, and nitrogen dioxide levels dropping dramatically in Italy due to the outbreak, we now have proof that cutting back on global travel can make a big change to the planet’s recovery.

    It’s better for the economy

      Travel and tourism contribute significantly to the UK economy, with staycations accounting for a good portion of that. By staying in the UK, we’ll be boosting the UK economy and ensuring that tourist hotspots in the UK are able to get back on their feet. We currently spend £13 billion on staycations each year, and an increase in staycations would only add to that figure.

      The UK is beautiful!

        Of course, the main benefit to staycation in the UK is that you’ll find a new love for your nation, and discover beautiful places that you probably never knew existed. The UK is full of amazing sights to see, with National Trust properties galore, a wealth of history and many areas of outstanding natural beauty to explore.

        Travel inspiration from TentBox

        At the moment we all need to stay inside, to protect ourselves and each other. However, as soon as this is over, we’re all going to be raring to get out and go exploring. Browse our range of rooftop tents for travel inspiration today!

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