The most untouched UK beaches
The most untouched UK beaches

The most untouched UK beaches

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

We’re all looking for that perfect unblemished beach to relax on. And UK beaches can deliver just that.

You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to relax in peace. The UK is full of lovely beaches, coves and bays that are as beautiful and serene as anywhere on the planet.

But, when we’re on the hunt for hidden seaside spots, we’ve got to bear in mind that the more visitors, the less secluded and genuinely unspoilt it’s bound to get. So, we have to enjoy our country’s coastline responsibly. That includes avoiding any activities that might generate litter (even unintentional litter), as well as considering how we’re travelling to the location.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the UK’s great untouched beaches – and try our best to keep them that way.

The most beautiful and secluded UK beaches

Church Ope Cove, Dorset

Church Ope cove can be found near the naval island of Portland. Thanks to a south-facing angle and sheltering cliffs, this Dorset gem is often pretty warm. So think about getting in for a dip!

green grass field near body of water during daytime

Worbarrow Bay, Dorset

Staying in Dorset, Worbarrow bay has another military tint. It’s close to a village that was forcefully abandoned in 1943 to give room to a war-time training zone. All that is now (thankfully) in the past, and you can stop in to see the historical spot on the way to the bay.

Port Nam Murrag, Arisaig, Scotland

Heading north – way north – to Scotland is a fantastic cold water swimming spot. It’s a real treasure – and requires a wee walk to get there. Get onto the scenic coastal path, hike through some marshy land and then arrive at a secluded section of beach, full of rockpool and perfect swimming water.

people on beach during daytime

Seilebost, Isle of Harris, Scotland

Scotland’s coastline is famously extraordinary. The Outer Hebrides are no exception. If you fancy journeying to the end of the country, and find yourself near the Isle of Harris, you’ll want to explore the dramatic mountain views of the island.

The best part about Seilebost is that you’ll most likely be one of the very few visitors there at any time. It’s that remote. The only downside is that the weather in the Outer Hebredes is notoriously fickle. So, bring gear for all climatic conditions.

sand near ocean under blue sky

Oxwich, Wales

The Gower Peninsula is a hotspot for beaches. And Oxwich is a particularly lovely spot, with dunes, marshes, woodland and cliffs all available to experience in relative peace and quiet.

Oxwich is just one of many wonderful locations in the Gower, which include the dramatic 3 cliffs of – you guessed it – Three Cliffs Bay. As well as Rhossili and Broughton Bay. Try them all and see which one comes out as your favourite.

brown rocky shore under blue sky during night time

Kingsgate Bay, Kent

There are even hidden gems a stone’s throw from London. In Kent, where beaches like Margate get all the headlines, is a much more peaceful bit of sand, Kingsgate bay. There is a set of steep stairs down to the sheltered spot, which boasts a backdrop of the famous white cliffs.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

In Cornwall, one of the UK’s most famous beach locations, there’s a final beach before Lands End, Sennen Cove. The sun sets over the Atlantic there, so pack a sunset picnic. Also, it’s one of the spots where you’ve a chance at sighting basking sharks.

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