TentBox vs iKamper
TentBox vs iKamper

TentBox vs iKamper

Neill Shurville
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Jun 29, 2023
TentBox and iKamper are both great companies that supply car roof tents in various countries.

If you’re looking to get a car roof tent, then it can be hard to know which company to go with.

Here, we are going to compare TentBox vs iKamper in the UK, to provide an overview of what each company offers in terms of product, service, community, and more.

Product Comparison


RRP: £1,150 to £2,750

TentBox has 3 main product lines, the Lite, Classic and Cargo.

The Lite is a soft shell roof tent, whereas the Classic and Cargo are hard shell roof tents with differing designs.


RRP: £3,200 to £4,100

iKamper has 2 main product lines, the Skycamp and the X-Cover.

The SkyCamp is a hard shell roof tent with a fold-out design, and the X-Cover is described as a “hybrid roof tent” that is functionally similar to most soft shell products on the market.


Both companies offer a solid range of roof tents for sale in the UK. iKamper is a more expensive across the range. TentBox is less expensive accross the range.

Warranty Comparison


TentBox offers a 5-year extended warranty accross all products.

This warranty includes…

  • Field repair
  • Factory return, repair or replace

depending on the situation.

The warranty is organised by a UK-based customer service team.

The warranty is completely free for the first 2 years, and then is provided at cost for a further 3 years.


iKamper offers a 2-year warranty for replacement parts only. After this 2-year period, for a period of 3 further years, any replacement parts required will be provided at the cost of production plus shipping.


Both warranties are the same length, but TentBox offers repair, return or replace, whereas iKamper offers replacement parts only.

TrustPilot Reviews Comparison

There are many locations to see reviews online. One such place is TrustPilot.


At the time of writing (17/05/2022), TentBox has a 4.7* rating on TrustPilot with 340+ reviews.



iKamper UK is a related to iKamper USA.

At the time of writing (17/05/2022), iKamper USA has a 3.8* rating on TrustPilot with just 2 reviews. iKamper UK has no rating or reviews on TrustPilot.


TrustPilot is only one source of online reviews, however on this platform TentBox has a better rating and substantially more reviews.

Customer Service Comparison


TentBox offers customer service over phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Instagram messenger.

All customer service is handled in the UK by a 5+ person support team who are experts when it comes to TentBox products.


iKamper offers customer service over email via an online contact form.

The iKamper HQ is based in Edinburgh, where this support is provided from.


TentBox offers support over a wider range of channels, including phone.

Community Comparison


At the time of writing (17/05/2022), the TentBox Facebook Community has 7,100+ members, and the has 77.1k followers.

TentBox also runs several community events throughout the year, including a Road Trip and a CampOut, with 500+ members of the community attending the CampOut.


At the time of writing (17/05/2022), the iKamper Facebook Community has 1.6k members, and the iKamper UK Instagram page has 1,357 followers.

According to the information on their website, iKamper does not offer any events in the UK.


Based on these facts, it seems that TentBox has a bigger and more active community than iKamper.


Both TentBox and iKamper are great roof tent brands in the UK. This article highlights some of the key differences between the two.

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