TentBox Soft Shell Roof Tent on a 4x4
TentBox Soft Shell Roof Tent on a 4x4

TentBox Soft Shell Roof Tent on a 4x4

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
Jun 29, 2023

Our Soft Shell Roof Tent is a fantastic product here at TentBox. It’s a great addition to bring with you if you plan on going camping on a hot summer’s day. Here, you can see our TentBox Soft Shell Roof Tent on a 4×4 enjoying the sunshine in the middle of a grassland.

Camping with a 4×4 and a Tent

It’s a nice, sunny day and you want to enjoy being outside, but when you’re exploring, there’s no knowing where you’ll end up or when you can take a break from travelling. Having a TentBox on top of a 4×4 is a brilliant way to travel in style. You’re out exploring, and you find a perfect patch of grass where you want to pull up and rest. Prop up any chairs that you have with you, a picnic table and even a solar panel to charge your electronic devices and you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a nice relaxing day in the sun. You can even take a laptop or an iPad with you and watch TV as you bask in the sun and nibble on food! Now that is a brilliant way to spend the day by yourself or take a few family and friends with you on your adventure without the rest of civilisation bothering you.

How can you make this day even better? By spending the night there too! Your trusty 4×4 jeep has taken you on a long journey through tough terrain and it wants a rest too before going back on the road. This is why you brought your soft shell roof tent with you. After the sun has gone down, bring out your night lights and enjoy your dinner under the warm, moonlight sky as you wind down. When it’s time for bed, simply climb up the ladder into your TentBox and you’ve got the perfect sleeping quarters waiting for you. The TentBox comes with a memory foam mattress, wind resistant walls and even compartments on the outside for you to put any muddy shoes in. You can decorate the inside of your tent with any essentials that you need to make the TentBox feel like a home.

When you wake up, you’ve still got the beautiful scenery around you which you can enjoy all over again. You can do this anywhere with your TentBox Soft Shell Roof Tent on a 4×4 as it gives you a place to just sit and relax or to sleep in. This is a great way to enjoy any day as you as can do it without breaking the bank.

The Soft Shell TentBox isn’t just great for a day out, but it’s also a great accompaniment if you’re looking to go on a road trip.

Take the plunge and get a Soft Shell Roof Tent and you’ll never regret it.

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