TentBox Car Roof Tent on an Estate / Station Wagon
TentBox Car Roof Tent on an Estate / Station Wagon

TentBox Car Roof Tent on an Estate / Station Wagon

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

Here, our TentBox is living the life atop of an Estate/Station Wagon enjoying the glorious views that are on offer. Whatever the weather is, the TentBox can always enjoy itself whilst keeping anyone and anything inside it dry and comfortable.

By the sea

Being by the sea is glorious; it’s peaceful, beautiful and it’s the perfect place to be for a romantic picnic and even a fun-filled day of activities with family or friends. The Estate/Station Wagon has parked up in front of the sea with the TentBox. The weather may be wet but why should that matter when you’re by the water anyway? There’s nobody around and it’s a great place for both relaxation and fun.

Pack up all the fun activities you need such as Frisbees, balls and even a kayak or boat if you fancy and put them in your boot along with blankets and food and make sure your TentBox is strapped to your car roof and you’re good to go. Once you pull up by the sea, if it’s just two of you, you don’t need to worry about the weather ruining your picnic with the floor being wet as you’ve got the TentBox! Yup, you can enjoy your picnic inside the TentBox whilst still capturing the beautiful views. What’s even better, is that our TentBox comes with an included memory foam mattress for the ultimate comfort with the box being made from a wind and rain resistant material. You’ve even got windows that you can lift up and down, so when the rain stops, you can poke your head and legs outside.

TentBoxing in a group

When there’s a group of you, not everyone will be interested in doing the same thing. With the TentBox in tow, some of you can play games whilst others relax in the TentBox or you can take a break inside the TentBox. Maybe even take a cheeky nap when no one’s looking.

The TentBox is a great tent to bring with you as you relax by the sea, but its primary function is of course to sleep in. There’s nothing wrong with parking up in this beautiful place, spending the day here with many activities. Then, when night falls, you can look up at the stars before sleeping in the glorious TentBox that will give you the best nights sleep you’ve ever had whilst camping.


Taking a car roof tent on an Estate/Station Wagon will open up so many possibilities for you to enjoy life to the fullest without breaking the bank.

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