TentBox Car Roof Tent at Night
TentBox Car Roof Tent at Night

TentBox Car Roof Tent at Night

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
Jun 29, 2023

Doesn’t it look glorious; our TentBox car roof tent at night shining underneath the glistening starlight? This is our Hard Shell Cargo Roof Tent, looking great in the starlit sky at night.

Camping at Night

On a beautiful night like this where you can see each star in its place in the night sky, it would be a sin to be cooped up indoors. You can sit around a campfire or a BBQ surrounded by natures finest trees and grassland as you appreciate the still night around you and enjoying the company of friends and family or lie on a blanket under the stars cosying up to your partner. Listen to the sounds around you; you won’t have to listen to the sounds of cars or a lively town, just enjoy the sounds of the trees rustling in the winds and the nocturnal animals coming to life. Serenity doesn’t get much easier than that.

This experience is already amazing as it is, but what can make it even better? When your eyes are getting tired and you need to sleep, it would be a shame to go back home and only have a ceiling to look at, so why not camp the night? A ground tent would still make it an amazing experience, but there’s an even better option. This person here has the right idea with a TentBox on their car roof. It’s just the perfect way to make an amazing night epic.

Why The TentBox Car Roof Tent?

In order to have an epic night, you need a car roof tent as seen above. Our Hard Shell Cargo Roof Tent is a spectacular choice because it will give you the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have in the wilderness. But why you ask? Well, firstly, you’ve got a comfortable memory foam mattress that you can sleep on all throughout the night for you, one other and even a dog. The greatness doesn’t just end here. You’ve got a cargo net right above you that you can store many things in such as fairy lights to make the night even more magical than it already is! This gives you the light you need to be able to read a book in your TentBox before you get some shut-eye.

One of the most important factors about our TentBox car roof tent at night is the windows that it has available. On such a beautiful night, you don’t want to miss a thing; the visibility of the sky is so good that you might even get the chance to experience the rare occurrence of a shooting star. You can view all of this through your TentBox window as you’re experiencing luxurious comfort. When you’re ready to fall asleep, simply close the windows and you’ll be kept warm and dry in the TentBox.

Once you awake, you can view the beautiful sunrise through the TentBox car roof tent.

The TentBox car roof tent at night will provide you with a night that you’ll remember.

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