Tent For Car Roof
Tent For Car Roof

Tent For Car Roof

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

At TentBox, we specialise in making and supplying the perfect tent for car roofs that you can take with you everywhere you go. Once you experience our revolutionary TentBox for camping, road trip purposes or simply as a place to chill on days out, you’ll never look back. For more information on tents for car roofs, visit TentBox.

What is a Tent for a Car Roof?

Well tents, what are they? Well, they’re to sleep in of course, like a mobile bedroom that you take with you into the wilderness, just not as comfortable. So, is a tent for car roof a tent that your roof can sleep in? Well, it would be a bit weird wouldn’t it, bringing a tent for your car to sleep in… Anyway, no, a tent for your car roof is not exactly for your car; it’s for you! Your car roof simply just carries it for you.

Before the car roof tent is erected, it’s a super sleek, thin box that is fixed onto your car roof bars. This box can then be opened, and the tent inside it can be popped up within a few seconds and it’s good to go! Your car roof holds this tent for you as you climb up into it and you sleep in it on top of your car! Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe with the correct installation which we have a full video and written guide on TentBox ready to view. But a tent on your car roof does sound a bit bizarre, so why would you get one?

Why Get a Tent For Your Car Roof?

Now that is the question. Most people have slept in a conventional tent and yes, some like it but you will all know the struggles it takes to set it up and unless you come with the proper bedding, you get a bad back and sometimes water even seeps into the tent and it’s just so cold. Our glorious tent for car roofs takes away all these horrible camping factors.

As previously mentioned, the TentBox simply just pops up with barely any effort on your part. There’s no need to bring a mallet and pegs and walk away with a sore finger; just simply pop-up your tent with injury free hands and spare time – allowing you to spend time enjoying the great outdoors!

When you’re packing a tent into your car it can be a nightmare as you may forget some bits and bobs and stuffing it into your boot is hard work. With the tent already strapped to the roof of your car, you don’t have to worry about bringing anything else for it. This will also free up a lot of room in the boot of your car for fun and games on your camping or road trip. How cool is that?

Now let’s get onto the actual sleeping aspect of the car roof tent. When you’re out camping on the muddy floor, often, you’re not on a flat surface; you get many lumps and bumps digging into your back that you just can’t avoid. With a tent for car roofs, you’re on a completely flat surface as it’s on the roof of your car, so you don’t have to worry about any lumps and bumps disturbing your good night’s sleep. What’s even better, is that we provide a memory foam mattress with every TentBox so you can experience the ultimate way to sleep whilst out in the wilderness.

The TentBox is the supreme tent to bring with you whilst on a road trip as you can experience luxury without having to pay a fortune. You can even sleep in a place with a fantastic view, simply just look out the window of the TentBox and enjoy what’s around you.

Getting Your Car Roof Tent

Now that you know the ultimate tent exists, you just need to get the tent for your car roof. The material that our TentBox is made of is wind and rain resistant to give you the ultimate tent. Visit TentBox to view our selection of tents for the roof of your car.

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