Roof Tents for Sale in the UK
Roof Tents for Sale in the UK

Roof Tents for Sale in the UK

Last update by Oliver
Jun 29, 2023

If you’re looking for roof tents for sale in the UK then you’ve come to the right place. Here at TentBox we have a number of Sales Partners across the UK who sell our roof top tents. You can view our dealers at TentBox today. No matter whether you’re in England, Scotland or Wales everyone can experience the joy of the TentBox!

Roof Tents for Sale in England

To purchase a TentBox roof tent in England you can visit one of our many dealers in the following locations across England, including:

  • Southampton – HQ
  • Pershore, Birmingham
  • Barnsley
  • Leeds
  • Louth, Lincoln
  • Newcastle

To find out more about each of our dealers visit TentBox today. The best way to find your closest dealer is by typing in your postcode on our ‘Find a Dealer’ locations page, this will show you the nearest location and directions to visit them. One thing you can be sure about is that each of our dealers have all three TentBox roof tent models in store for viewing and are on hand to offer you expert help and assistance when it comes to purchasing your new TentBox Roof Tent.

Roof Tents for Sale in Scotland

Live in Scotland and looking to purchase a roof tent? Our closest dealer in Scotland is based in Newcastle, in the north of the Pennies. If you can make the journey south to visit Fun Fit Adventure it’s certainly worth the visit, they’re set up with all the TentBox models in a log cabin overlooking beautiful rolling hills.

Roof Tents for Sale in Wales

At TentBox we are yet to secure a dealer in Wales, however, we do have a dealer in Pershore, just over the border from Wales, in between Worcester and Cheltenham. So if you’re in the south or central Wales, check out PJ Nicholls our Official Dealer for this area. If you’re located in the north of Wales, your closest dealer is based in Leeds.

TentBox Dealers

To ensure we provide only the highest quality service we vet each of our dealers to ensure they offer the same great TentBox experience that you’d receive if you purchased directly from us. Additionally, each of the TentBox Dealers offer a variety of different services to help you make the most of your new TentBox, from helping you with installation, to supplying you with additional accessories and parts, our TentBox dealers are there to help.

Purchasing a TentBox Online

If you’re unable to get to one of our dealers there is no need to stress. You can also purchase your new roof tent through our online store at TentBox and get it delivered for free to any UK address. Additionally, we now offer finance options to help you purchase your new TentBox.

At TentBox you will also find a range of accessories, as well as a host of information from technical specifications, installation guides, shipping information and FAQs.

However, if you do need any more information or assistance when purchasing your new roof tent online feel free to get in contact on either 023 8220 5777 or

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