Mini Roof Top Tent
Mini Roof Top Tent

Mini Roof Top Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

If you’re looking to get a Mini roof top tent, then you won’t find a better tent than the Hard Shell and Soft Shell tents that we have available at TentBox. Our TentBox fits on most vehicles, so your Mini won’t be a problem. For more information or to order your roof tent for your Mini, visit TentBox today.

Experiencing the Vanlife Dream in a Mini Roof Top Tent

Have you heard of the Vanlife dream? Back in 2011, a New Yorker quit his fashion job and decided to hit the road in his van as he explored some of the sights the world had to offer. Since then, lots of people have been following suit by quitting their jobs, taking their van, turning it into a camper and going on an extended holiday. Imagine being able to achieve this much quicker, at a fraction of the cost and in a lot more style?

Forget about working long hours to buy yourself your own campervan; if you own a Mini or any other car for that matter, you’re most of the way there already. Imagine being able to rock up to the beach or a camp site with everyone looking at you in awe? With a Mini roof top tent, you can achieve exactly this.

Camping with Ease

A Mini roof top tent makes road trips and exploring a lot more accessible, but it will also enhance your camping trip. Have you ever been to a campsite when you pay for your vehicle and the tent you’ve pitched up? This is quite common and larger vehicles like campervans can occur a higher fee. As you’ll be sleeping on your Mini, imagine the costs you would save as you only have to pay for your Mini to park up?

You may like camping in campsites but with a Mini roof top tent, you’re not restricted to them! You can sleep anywhere you can park up; there are plenty of beaches and beautiful places that allow you to park overnight, so you can sleep surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

One of the amazing features that we haven’t mentioned yet is how easy it is to setup your Mini roof top tent! If you’re a regular camper, you’ll be all too familiar with the process of setting up a tent and if you’re not a camper, setting up a tent is what might be putting you off. Whichever kind of person you are, you’ll be thankful to hear that a Mini roof top tent cuts out all the nonsense of a fiddly setup. You simply unhook the straps and watch as the tent pops-up with gas assisted struts in less than a minute!

Other benefits include superior comfortability, protection from insects, rainproof, wind-resistant, smooth sleeping surface, stylish sleeping and much more!

Getting your Mini Roof Top Tent

Whether you’re an avid camper, a new camper or looking to go on a road trip, a Mini roof top tent will open a whole new world for you to enjoy and explore. Experience the ultimate way to camp in the wilderness by getting your roof tent today; visit TentBox, choose your tent and payment plan and in less than a week, you could be sleeping comfortably under the stars.

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