Mini Cooper Roof Tent
Mini Cooper Roof Tent

Mini Cooper Roof Tent

Neill Shurville
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Jun 29, 2023

Contrary to belief, Mini Cooper roof tents do exist, and they don’t just have to be for the shorter people or for those of you that like curling up in a ball as you sleep. By getting your Mini Cooper tent through TentBox, you can get a tent that sits atop your Mini Cooper perfectly whilst being spacious, comfortable and even affordable. Visit TentBox and order yours today!

What is a Mini Cooper Roof Tent?

Mini Coopers are fantastic cars that look great, can be very comfortable and come in quirky styles and colours. Many people feel that Mini Coopers aren’t practical for anything other than commuting due to their size; with a TentBox, this isn’t the case. Transform your little Mini into your very own camper that can take you on fantastic weekends away or even a MINI road trip… see what we did there?

A Mini Cooper roof tent is a tent that gets strapped securely to the top of your Mini Cooper, at four different points on a pair of cross bars. Once it’s firmly strapped on, you can drive up to 70mph with the tent closed. Once you stop, the tent simply pops-up with air assisted struts and you’ve got yourself a comfortable little tent to sleep in anywhere you can park your car up.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Size isn’t everything with a lot of things in this world and that includes your car. A Mini can make a great camping partner with the right Mini Cooper roof tent. On the internet, you can find lots of quirky and cosy Mini Cooper roof tents that would be great for 1 person or for 2 people to cosy up together (very tightly). But just because your car is small, doesn’t mean your bed has to be as well. Here at TentBox, we can offer the best Mini Cooper tent on the market because we can offer you a tent that your Mini supports, but also a tent that is comfortable, gives you lots of room, protects you from rain, wind and insects and all offered at a fantastic price!

Our TentBox fits on most cars even the cars on the small or the large size. With a metre room between the bottom and the top, you don’t have to worry about bending your neck as you sit up. There’s also plenty of leg room to ensure that you can sleep with your legs stretched out or have a furry companion curled up by your feet. Once the tent is compacted back into its super sleek box, it doesn’t hang awkwardly over your Mini or look cumbersome, in fact, it gives character to your already amazing Mini and is bound to get people’s attention…

The TentBox is light enough to ensure that the handling and suspension of your Mini aren’t affected as you’re driving at speeds of 70mph down the motorway.

Inside the Mini Cooper Roof Tent

Now you know how cool it looks on top of your car and how practical it is, how good is the Mini Cooper roof tent on the inside? Short answer? Just as good. Long answer?

Well, let’s start with the spongey lining on the inside which adds a layer of insulation and comfort as your back has something squishy to lay on. Next, we’ve got the included memory foam mattress for another layer to add to the ultimate comfort camping experience.

There’s plenty of storage room too for your Mini Cooper roof tent. You’ve got a cargo net at the top which can be used to store fairy lights and various other items. You’ve also got some hooks to hang jackets, hanging pockets which are ideal for mobile phones and pockets on the sides to ensure that all your necessities and wants can be stored inside the tent.

There are two windows, both equipped with a fly screen and have a blackout effect for those mornings that you want a lie in. The fabric that makes up the walls is breathable, waterproof, wind resistant, thick and rip-resistant, ensuring that you stay warm and dry all night long.

The Mini Cooper roof tent at TentBox really is superior in every way.

Getting your Mini Cooper Roof Tent

If you love adventure and your Mini Cooper, why not have the best of both worlds and enjoy a Mini Cooper roof tent which allows you to park up and enjoy a good night’s sleep whenever and wherever you want! Visit TentBox and order yours today. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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