Land Rover roof top tents: Why is TentBox the best option?
Land Rover roof top tents: Why is TentBox the best option?

Land Rover roof top tents: Why is TentBox the best option?

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
Jun 29, 2023

When looking for a Land Rover roof top tent, knowing which option to choose can be tricky. Although we may be a little biased, we believe that TentBox is the best match for Land Rovers, and the perfect companion to any road trip.

In this article we’re taking a look at why the TentBox is the perfect Land Rover roof top tent, and why they work so perfectly together.

Why is the TentBox perfect for a Land Rover?

Whatever your Land Rover model, the TentBox is the ideal travel partner. Whether you opt for the Hard Shell Roof Top Tent or the lighter TentBox Lite, any of our models pair well with Land Rovers.

Land Rovers are cars for adventurers, and the TentBox is ideal for those kinds of people. If you like the outdoors, escaping to the country and having an easy camping option on the top of your car at all times then TentBox is perfect.

Which Land Rover models suit a roof top tent?

When it comes to Land Rover roof top tents, all models of Land Rover are compatible. Here’s the top Land Rover models that our TentBox community have:

Land Rover Roof Top Tents For A Defender

TentBoxes look amazing on a Land Rover Defender, and can be taken off-roading. This makes for some epic trips where the Defender can take you into the sticks and you can pop your tent up and camp close to nature in secluded spots. Getting a tent on top of your Land Rover Defender is easy. All you need is some roof bars, then you can get everything else you need from TentBox.

Land Rover Roof Top Tents For A Discovery

If you’re the proud owner of a Land Rover Discovery, the TentBox is a perfect addition. A Land Rover Discovery roof tent enhances your Discovery on the road and allows you to do more travelling. No more do you have to plan an itinerary; you can simply get in your Land Rover Discovery, hit the road and see where your adventure takes you.

Land Rover Roof Top Tents For A Defender 90

The Defender 90 is the perfect vehicle for country driving, and allows you to accomplish so much. A Land Rover roof top tent from TentBox is ideal for this vehicle, as you’ll be able to get a great night’s sleep on top of your vehicle no matter where it takes you (which, with the Land Rover Defender 90, could really be anywhere!)

Land Rover Roof Top Tents For A Freelander

If you’re the proud owner of the Land Rover SUV that is as comfortable out in the sticks as it is in the city, then we salute you. Having a TentBox on your roof will enable you to make the most from your breaks from the city and be more spontaneous with your travels.

Why do Land Rover owners love TentBox?

Many of our TentBox owners have Land Rovers – it seems that lots of people in the community have a shared interest in nature, the countryside and off-roading. Interested which naturally lend themselves to the Land Rover. Take a look at a couple of stories from the community:

Rachel Shares Her Land Rover Adventures With TentBox

Learn more about life with a TentBox from Rachel, a Land Rover Defender owner.

“We do a lot of climbing and like being out in the mountains so it was ideal to be able to park close to where we were going the next day. We have lots of early starts – normally around 5am – and being able to head straight off on our climb instead of having to drive somewhere is perfect”.

Land Rover Roof Top Tent Adventures With Dave

Discover how Dave’s latest travels have been going with his TentBox and Land Rover Freelander – the perfect pair.

“We love the convenience of 1) not having to worry about booking accommodation and 2) being able to park up at the perfect sunrise location for great landscape photographs”.

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