Customer Stories: Dave
Customer Stories: Dave

Customer Stories: Dave

Neill Shurville
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Jun 29, 2023

Name: Dave Stewart
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Vehicle (make and model): Land Rover Freelander 2

Dave has been a TentBox owner for a while, and we asked him a few questions…

Tell us about you:

I am a wedding and Landscape photographer working across Scotland

What do you use your TentBox for?

Overnighting at wedding venues after a long day’s shooting and for landscape photography trips around the highlands of Scotland.

What’s your favorite trip with your TentBox so far?

A visit to Loch Ard in the Trossachs, waking up in still frosty conditions. Looking forward to many more adventures ahead!

What is your favourite thing about your TentBox?

The convenience of 1) not having to worry about booking accommodation and 2) being able to park up at the perfect sunrise location for great landscape photographs.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting a TentBox?

Get one!

Anything else you want to mention (i.e tips and tricks for TentBox)?

I have a camper van heater which modified so it is portable to allow me to use the tent box in any conditions (-5C is my current record – hoping to go lower!).

Dave is extremely lucky to have the beauty of the Scottish highlands on his doorstep, even more so as he is a landscape photographer! Dave’s ingenuity with the Campervan heater is very impressive, but only try this if you know what you’re doing!! We also love Dave’s review video so thanks for that Dave!

Dave made us a review video whilst on the Isle of Skye. What a great location!

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