Land Rover Roof Tent
Land Rover Roof Tent

Land Rover Roof Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Land Rover’s are fantastic vehicles that are built to last over long journeys which makes them ideal for road trips or adventuring into the unknown. Here at TentBox, we can enhance your experience by providing you with a Land Rover roof tent that is affordable, stylish and a fantastic invention (not that we’re biased or anything). To find out more, visit TentBox today!

What is a Land Rover Roof Tent?

Yes, we realise that this is a very simple and obvious question but we’ll just clarify as if you’re new to TentBox, you might think a Land Rover roof tent is a tent that’s made by Land Rover. However, a Land Rover roof tent is a tent that gets strapped onto the roof of your Land Rover and it manufactured by us here at TentBox. This tent gets secured to two cross bars that have been installed onto your vehicle, as you get to drive around in your Land Rover with a tent attached to your roof. How cool is that?

The image that you may have in your mind right now is a massive tent pulling at its hinges on your roof as you’re driving along and then snapping off and blowing away in the wind. The roof tents at TentBox fold down into a compact fibreglass shell when they’re not in use. This way, the tent stays secure and everyone else stays safe as it simply looks like a compact roof top box, atop your vehicle.

Why do I Need a Roof Tent for my Land Rover?

That’s the golden question! However, the question we want to ask you is why wouldn’t you want a Land Rover roof tent in your life?

This rooftop tent can enhance your life in so many ways (no we’re not exaggerating). Going camping or going on a road trip adventure is a couple of life’s pleasures to get away from your everyday stress and to just simply wind down and relax with family, friends, loved ones or even take some ‘you time’. However, stress can be caused when adventuring too.

Countless people used to tell us that they hate going camping because putting up a tent can be a nightmare and without someone with experience, many of you can be wrestling with a tent before you have to awkwardly ask a random stranger to help you. With the Land Rover roof tent from TentBox, setting up can be completed in just 30 seconds and is as simple as unhooking a few straps and letting air-assisted struts do the rest of the work for you; camping doesn’t get much easier than that.

The next stressful problem comes from being cold, uncomfortable and waking up to puddles in the middle of the night. However, with the roof top tent from TentBox you’re actually sleeping on your Land Rover, therefore, there’s a smooth, even surface beneath you. To enhance your experience further, we’ve added in a memory foam mattress!

Another great benefit of our roof top tent is that the rainwater just rolls straight off as the fabric walls and the hard shell roof are impermeable to rain, ensuring that you remain dry in even the heaviest of downpours. Furthermore, the fabric walls are wind resistant and our roof tent has added insulation to keep you warm (we even have people sleep comfortably in our roof tents in snowy conditions)!

A problem that we haven’t checked off yet is the visitors that you may encounter in the night. Whether it’s creepy crawlies or rodents, being high above the ground on your Land Rover greatly reduces the chances of you being disturbed.

Another great benefit to having a Land Rover roof tent is the space that is available to you. There’s no need to worry about cramming everything you need for your trip into your Land Rover, as your tent and bedding stay on your roof! Giving you more space for luxuries that will enhance your experience.

Land Rover roof tents are fantastic as they reduce un-pleasantries whilst camping, are built to last and even save you money on hotels if you’re on a road trip! Once you’ve experienced one, there will be no looking back….

Get your Land Rover Roof Tent Today!

Take the plunge and get your Land Rover roof tent from TentBox and we know you won’t be disappointed. You won’t find better quality or a cheaper price anywhere else. To make things easier for you, we even have a split payment plan with 0% interest! Visit TentBox and begin your new way of camping…

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