Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent

Hard Shell Roof Tent

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May 23, 2023

Here at TentBox, we can offer you the ultimate way to camp; the Hard Shell roof tent. This roof tent simply sits on top of your vehicle, pops-up within seconds and gives you superior comfort with the included memory foam mattress whilst also protecting you from the wind, rain and the cold. For more information, visit TentBox.

What is a Hard Shell Roof Tent?

A Hard Shell roof tent is the car roof tent that TentBox provides for you. It is simply a tent that sits on the roof of your car that is shaped like a box. Our TentBox can fit almost any vehicle and can be popped up within seconds so you can enjoy your tent right away.

In our range of products, you have the Hard Shell TentBox; our best product yet. When it’s strapped to the top of your car in its case, it looks super sleek in its fibreglass shell which can come in either white or black to suit your style. Weighing in at just 64.5kg, you won’t feel it on top of your car as you’re driving along, so no need to worry about it slowing you down.

Why Get a Hard Shell Roof Tent?

The Hard Shell roof tent is a superior product when it comes to car roof tents for many reasons:

  • As it’s made of a fibreglass shell, rainwater will easily roll down it and fall off as it’s impermeable, unlike a standard tent where rainwater gathers on top and tends to seep through.
  • The fabric is made from a 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas, with an external PU coating. This means that unlike a standard tent, the fabric walls are waterproof, breathable and thicker, so it can block out winds from blowing into your tent. This material even blocks out more sunlight, allowing you to have a lie in on those days where you don’t want to get up.
  • Fed up of all the time it takes to set up a tent? The Hard Shell roof tent comes with air-assisted struts. This means that when you unlock the straps, it’ll erect almost instantly by itself. Then, using the assisted handles, it can be put back down again within 30 seconds, giving you complete ease.
  • Want the best nights sleep? Our Hard Shell roof tent not only comes with a spongy layer underneath for your comfort but it also comes with an included memory foam mattress! How comfy is that? Not to mention the fact that you’ll be lying on a smooth, flat surface on your car roof other than the lumpy and bumpy ground.
  • Do you like to watch the sunset in the evenings before you go to sleep? Well, you’re in luck; our Hard Shell roof tent not only comes with doors but windows too. The Hard Shell TentBox comes with two windows – one large panoramic window at the front and one at the back. They have a permanent fly screen and a canvas flap which can be zipped open or closed so you can view the beautiful surroundings around you at your leisure.
  • Want to make the inside of your tent special? The Hard Shell roof tent comes with plenty of different storage spaces. Above you, there is a large overhead net that you can put lights in, clothes or anything that you need. Around the sides, there are plenty of compartments to store things in. You’ve even got hanging pockets and hooks so you can hang jackets and put keys in. There are so many ways to make your tent special and feel like a room to make you more comfortable as you’re out in the wilderness.

The Hard Shell roof tent is the perfect camping partner so you can make the best memories.

Getting Your Hard Shell Roof Tent

If you want the best rooftop tent available, then get your Hard Shell roof tent at TentBox. It comes with an included memory foam mattress and a ladder for safe mounting onto the car roof. Here at TentBox, we can offer you a split payment plan to ensure that you can afford your new tent. Visit TentBox to get your Hard Shell tent today!

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