Discover the TentBox: A Tent That Attachs to Your Car
Discover the TentBox: A Tent That Attachs to Your Car

Discover the TentBox: A Tent That Attachs to Your Car

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Have you ever thought about purchasing a tent that attaches to your car? They’re a great investment that can make any camping or road trip a much more enjoyable experience. Here at TentBox, we specialise in everything to do with car roof tents for nearly all vehicles. Our Hard Shell or Soft Shell TentBox will almost certainly be the perfect solution for you. Visit TentBox today for more information.

What is a Tent that Attaches to your Car?

To put it simply, it’s a tent that attaches to your car! However, when you think of something attaching to your car, you think of a trailer of something attaching to the back of your car. When we refer to tents that attach to cars, we’re talking about a tent that attaches to crossbars on the roof of your car that you can take with you anywhere you’d like.

Are Car Roof Tents that attach to your Car Dangerous or Complicated to Install?

Firstly, let’s get to the installation of our tents that attach to cars. Some car roof tents can be difficult to install, but if DIY isn’t one of your specialities, you don’t want to be frowning as you read the instructions over and over again until you cave in and finally get someone else to do it for you. TentBox has created a rooftop tent that couldn’t be easier to attach to your vehicle! All you need is appropriate crossbars, and one other person to help you lift the TentBox onto your vehicle. Once it’s on the roof of your car, all you need to do is place the fixing brackets and secure them in place in all four corners and that’s it; your TentBox is securely fitted on your vehicle! We have a clear installation manual and even a video to show you exactly how to attach your tent to your car. It’s so simple that anyone can do it!

Now let’s get onto the danger aspect of it. You’re probably thinking about an erect tent on the top of your car that can fall off or make the handling of your car much harder to control. Well, luckily none of this is the case. As you’re driving along, the roof tent should not be erected and should be firmly in place in its box, which is designed to be sleek and streamline! In this scenario, you can safely drive down the motorway at speeds of up to 70mph! An easy and safe option for camping in the wilderness.

Lastly, you’re perfectly safe in your tent attached to your car as you’re sleeping. The tent can withstand 300kg of weight, which is more than enough to house two adults. Also, there is no need to worry about the tent becoming unsecure in the night, ensuring the TentBox has been installed correctly, you will get one of your best night’s sleeps you’ve ever had whilst camping. You’re also much safer from critters and even bears if you’re camping in bear territory…

What Types of Tents do you have Available?

We have two main types of tents that attach to cars available; the Hard Shell and Soft Shell.

The Hard Shell TentBox is our ultimate tent that can sleep up to two adults, plus a furry companion and comes with an included memory foam mattress for the ultimate luxury night’s sleep. The Hard Shell features air assisted struts to ensure that your tent pops up in seconds and can close just as quickly. Due to its fibreglass shell on top, it’s impermeable to rain and highly resistant to the wind with its strong fabric walls. The Tent also features a variety of windows and pockets for storage, therefore, you can have many different goodies in your tent as you watch the sunset.

The second of our tents that attach to cars is the Soft Shell Tent. Our Soft Shell TentBox is just as amazing as the Hard Shell version just without the impermeable roof, however it’s one of the lightest roof top tents on the market, making it more suitable for smaller vehicles.

We also offer the TentBox cargo; this is the same great design as our Hard Shell Tent with an added built-in rack, allowing you to carry up to 50kg of added cargo. Perfect for transporting a surfboard, kayak or paddleboard.

How to get a Tent that Attaches to your Car

If you’re an avid camper or planning a road trip, then tents that attach to cars will open a whole new experience for you to enjoy that you’ll never regret. To purchase one of the superior roof top tents on the market that attaches to your car, visit TentBox today and pick one of our fantastic products!

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