Defender Roof Tent
Defender Roof Tent

Defender Roof Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Land Rover Defenders are a trusted vehicle that can take you on many trips and adventures that will provide you with memories you’ll never forget. To optimise the experiences, you can get a Land Rover Defender roof tent to accompany you on your travels and adventures. If you would like more information on a Defender roof tent, visit TentBox.

What is a Land Rover Defender Roof Tent?

A Defender roof tent isn’t a tent that defends (although that would be cool) it’s a tent that sits atop a Land Rover Defender. Although it does defend in a way as it can defend you from insects and any other pestering animal that want to get into your tent, it is simply a tent for your Land Rover Defender. But it isn’t just any kind of tent, it’s a sturdy, box-shaped tent that protects you from the wind and rain whilst offering you superior comfort with an included memory foam mattress to ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

How Does it Work?

Getting a tent on top of your Land Rover Defender is easy. All you need is some roof bars, then you can get everything else you need from TentBox. Once the roof bars are installed, you can fit your new TentBox that is securely strapped onto the roof of your Land Rover Defender. The installation is simple, and we will provide you with detailed instructions. There is also a handy installation video to provide further guidance available at TentBox.

Once the Defender roof tent has been securely strapped onto the roof of your car, you can drive around with it still attached, meaning you can take it with you anywhere! Just make sure the tent isn’t erected as you’re driving! But as soon as the car stops, you unhook the straps of the box and the tent pops-up, ready to be used within seconds. Once you’re done, you just pack it back down; it’s that simple which is why they’re everyone’s new favourite companion for camping and road trips.

The Best Uses For a Defender Rooftop Tent

A Land Rover Defender is a perfect vehicle for you if you’re driving on rough terrain or going exploring into the unknown. If you’re going on this sort of trip, you’re going to need to take provisions with you including a tent as you never know when you’re going to get stranded or if you’re enjoying the sights, being stranded might be your intention. Anyways, a place to sleep is a necessity. Taking a regular tent with you and unfolding it every evening and rolling it back up every morning when the bag it came in has miraculously shrunk and the tent is wet is just not a nice experience for anyone, no matter how good you are at it. You’ve read my mind before I’ve even said it… take a Defender roof tent with you!

You can skip all the setting up and packing away malarkey when you’ve got a tent that simply pops up when it’s needed. What’s more, it doesn’t take up any room in your car and you never have to worry about forgetting it as it’ll be strapped onto the roof of your Defender. You can rest assured on your adventures that you’re always going to have a comfy, reliable place to sleep with the one-of-a-kind TentBox in your possession.

The TentBox isn’t just suitable for adventures, it’s practical for a regular camping trip too! You can sit back, relax and watch everyone else setting up their tents as you’re enjoying your TentBox. It’s also got the perks of shielding you from insects, giving you extra comfort and keeping you dry. It’s just the perfect, ultimate way to sleep when you’re in the great outdoors.

How to Get Your Defender Tent

Now you know that a Land Rover Defender tent exists in the form of a TentBox, you’re going to need to know where to get one. You can visit TentBox for all the information you need and how you can contact us if you need more information. All roof top tents with TentBox can be secured with a refundable deposit and paid in split payments to help cover the costs.

To discover more about the possibilities of a Land Rover Defender Roof Tent check out our blog post about photographer and Land Rover enthusiast, Paula Beaumont’s overlanding adventure in Spain in her Land Rover Defender.

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