Car Camp during your next Skiing Adventure
Car Camp during your next Skiing Adventure

Car Camp during your next Skiing Adventure

Last update by Oliver
Jun 29, 2023

Take a Dare, Use your TentBox for your next Skiing Adventure!

Have you ever been skiing? Do you think it’s too expensive or inaccessible? Or have you gone only to be stuck in one resort. TentBox can change that, simply attach your roof tent to your car and drive to your next skiing adventure for an experience you won’t forget.

Taking your Car Roof Tent Skiing

You might think that TentBox and skiing are worlds apart, but there are plenty of people who disagree and take a road trip visiting all of the best ski resorts using their roof tent as a base. By taking your own car with an easy set up tent attached, you can save a ton of money on hotel bookings. Instead you can buy access passes to the ski slopes. You can also enjoy a variety of places and slopes in a single trip, cramming as much adventure in as you want.

Because you will be using your own car and roof tent, you can choose how long you stay in every resort and when to hit the road. Meaning you can explore so many more beautiful alpine places and resorts to get a real feel for the place. While staying in one resort is perfect for some, those with wanderlust can get restless after only a few days. This is easily solved with TentBox, simply pack up and go where the road takes you.

Top Tips for a Comfortable Car Camping Skiing holiday:

  • Establish clear house rules about keeping wet and dry clothing separate
  • Check whether your location has shower and bathroom facilities
  • Find out if free car parks have any rules against camping
  • Invest in thermals for warmth
  • Keep your TentBox ventilated

Keep your TentBox Ventilated

Ski slopes are best with snow but that does mean you will be entering some cold weather. This isn’t a problem as long as you prepare yourself and your roof top tent properly. While feeling cold is the main concern, poor ventilation can become a problem. With all your extra layers, thick duvets and thermals on the small area of the TentBox can become stuffy and stale. To solve this, make sure your roof tent is well ventilated, this helps keep the inside tent environment fresh and comfortable, making returning to sleep in your car roof tent something to look forward to.

Keep Wet and Dry Clothes Seperate

Keeping your wet clothes in a designated wet area is essential for keeping clothes dry and everyone warm. As wet clothes drip dry you don’t want your dry clothes or boots in the way or they will become very cold and make it much more difficult to keep warm in the snowy weather. Keeping strict rules about where dry and wet clothes go will eliminates this risk.

Insulate your TentBox

Another way to avoid any unnecessary freezing is to make sure your pop-up roof tent is well insulated. You will appreciate the thermal insulation of the material used to make the roof tents at night when you can still feel all your fingers and thumbs. Here at TentBox we now offer winter insulation for your TentBox. A cosy insulated pod, which easily attaches to the inside of any TentBox Hard Shell model. Great for extra warmth during those winter trips.

Do Your Research Before Leaving

While a tent that attaches to the car roof does mean you don’t need as much planning to set off on your exploration, it’s still best to do a little research about where you are heading. Your car roof tent means you can sleep pretty much anywhere, but you will still need some camp facilities. Both the hard shell and soft shell roof tents have storage and sleeping space for up to two people plus a dog or small child, but having a destination with other necessary facilities makes the car camping experience much more pleasant. Alternatively, the local cafes may offer free bathroom use if there isn’t anywhere camp wise to go. TentBox know that those who use tents to make their cars a motor home have a streak of adventure and can think on their feet but look up the locations before you travel so you won’t be surprised later. There will be plenty of other surprises that you can plan for on your trip, don’t add to the stress if it can be avoided.

Check if car parks have any rules against camping

The other thing to be aware of when looking at ski resorts to visit in your TentBox is that while the car parks might be free it isn’t always possible to camp in them. If there are any rules against camping in the car park make sure you find somewhere appropriate to spend to night so you don’t have to keep yourself awake with worry. Not all car parks will have rules against this but it’s always better to check before arriving.

The TentBox Ski Dare

We love hearing about any adventures you take in your roof tents and we dare you to take your TentBox skiing. The best adventures and memories are made in a car roof tent, from summer beaches to mountain slopes. So, pack your winter gear and take up the challenge, take photos and make the best memories. There might be a learning curve when it comes to using a roof tent such as TentBox in the snow but that’s part of the fun. Share with us on Facebook or . We can’t wait to see where your TentBox takes you.

If you aren’t part of the TentBox community yet then browse our easy set up roof tents or get in contact today to find out more about the TentBox community!

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