Alternatives to Tents
Alternatives to Tents

Alternatives to Tents

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Tents are great; they’re cheap, effective and can allow you to explore places all over the world without worrying about location. But what if there was a better way to achieve the same results with much more benefits? Here at TentBox, we can offer a great alternative to the standard tent… our range of TentBox’s! Visit TentBox to find out more today.

Best Alternatives to Tents

Most people either love or hate the prospect of camping. Whichever category you fall into, TentBox has the perfect alternatives to tents for any kind of camper. Our TentBox is affordable, quirky, practical and one of a kind. But what exactly is a TentBox?

The Standard Tent Alternative

The TentBox is a boxed tent, but don’t think of a claustrophobic tent shaped like a box, think of a warm and cosy yet spacious tent, that is better than any other tent you’ve ever experienced. Our TentBox is a tent that gets strapped onto the roof of your vehicle and can fit onto most vehicles (even a Mini)! You don’t need to worry about your steering being affected by a tall tent swaying in the wind and veering your car when you take a sharp turn around the corner. This tent folds down compactly into a stylish, streamlined box that is only 30cm tall; you’ll barely notice that it’s there!

This isn’t just a tent that straps to your roof that you take off when needed, it stays on your roof! Yes, it always stays on your roof, even when you’re sleeping. When you’re ready to sleep, you simply unhook the straps and pop-up your tent in less than a minute. Now you’ve got a tent on your roof you simply climb up the ladder into the tent, where you can sleep all night, or simply just relax for a few minutes when you need a break from the road.

Why our TentBox is the Best Alternative to Standard Tents

With there being many alternatives to tents on the market, you want to make sure that you get the best one, so you can start adventuring in style immediately. Our Tentbox can offer you many superior features:


Camping in a tent is a great experience, but you’ll often get that nagging feeling of the uneven surface digging into your back and you need to bring a mountain of bedding to cushion the ground. Firstly, the TentBox has a completely smooth and even surface as it’s on the roof of your car. Secondly, we include a spongey lining and a memory foam mattress! Pure comfort…

Weather Resistant

If you’re not an expert at pitching a tent up, then you could see parts or all of it blow away in the wind, not to mention the fact that tents are highly prone to flooding in heavy rain. Our TentBox is waterproof; you won’t find a single droplet of water entering your tent as the roof is impermeable to water and the fabric is also waterproof. As the TentBox is strapped securely to the roof of your vehicle, you can rest assured that you can safely camp in wind speeds of up to 38mph and that’s windy!

Insect Repeller

Particularly during wet and hot weather, many pesky insects will squeeze themselves into your tent and share your bedding, causing unwanted irritation and they may even pinch your food! Being high above the ground, these insects aren’t going to make the effort to crawl to you and will be less likely to sense your presence, heavily reducing the number of uninvited guests you receive. The TentBox also comes with a great fly screen to stop those flying critters in their tracks.

Easy Setup

Tents are a real pain to set up; you’ve got to find decent ground, have help and hammer in lots of pegs and before you know it, half an hour of your camping holiday has been spent doing manual labour. With the fantastic tent alternative at TentBox, you only need to spend 30 seconds to set it up and another 30 to put it down!

More Space

Your tent, tent equipment and bedding take up a lot of room in the boot of your vehicle and you must leave much of your entertainment behind (or a guest so their seat can be used for your necessities). With the TentBox, your tent with the bedding inside always remains on your car roof, meaning that you’ve got your vehicle free for all the entertainment and luxuries that you want.

You can Sleep Anywhere

With a tent, you must consider what ground is suitable for you to pitch your tent up (you couldn’t sleep on stones or concrete). As you are always on the roof of your vehicle, you can spend the night virtually anywhere you’d like, so you don’t have to say goodbye to that gorgeous scenery.

Getting your Tent Alternative

With many alternatives to tents on the market, TentBox is offering you an alternative that is superior to a tent in every way. Once you experience it, you’ll never look back; visit TentBox and order yours now!

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