7 reasons you should consider a staycation for your next holiday
7 reasons you should consider a staycation for your next holiday

7 reasons you should consider a staycation for your next holiday

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Staycations, or holidaying in your home country, have become a popular form of travel.

COVID-19 has posed challenges to the way we travel over the past few years, making international trips difficult. Still now, people who choose to travel overseas face potential last minute cancellations and rigorous testing requirements.

This has caused staycations to increase, as they are relatively hassle free, and can eliminate many of the pandemic-related stresses associated with overseas travel.

Studies show that staycations are on the rise

Last year, almost half of the UK population claimed to have planned a staycation, with camping being the preferred option.

Plenty of people are looking ahead and planning a camping trip for Summer, with more than 56% of the UK planning on taking a camping trip this year.

According to industry trends, staycations are continuing to rise in popularity, and here are some reasons why.

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7 top reasons that staycations are so popular

  • Planning a staycation requires little to no effort

Staycations are a cheap and easy way to travel.

Unlike overseas or interstate trips, they can be planned at the very last minute. Staycations are perfect for people who need a last minute fix after a stressful week at work.

  • Exploring your local area is cost efficient

Holidays have always been expensive, but the pandemic has caused airfares and hotel prices to increase even further.

Staycations are much easier on the bank account, as you don’t have to pay for airfares, and you can even stay in your own home. Choosing to spend a night or two in a hotel or on a camping site is way cheaper than booking a trip abroad, which is why staycations are so popular.

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  • Staycations cut down on travel time

Unless you’re driving to a faraway camping spot, staycations often have a short travel time, so if need be, you can be back at home in a matter of hours.

  • They save you the burden of COVID-19 restrictions

Traveling has always been quite stressful, however, post pandemic, this stress has gotten arguably worse.

These days, trips abroad are always tentative. A pesky cough could cause your trip to be canceled at the very last minute, or worse, a country’s COVID restrictions may forbid you from entering or exiting.

Staycations are less likely to be canceled, making them a more reliable holiday option.It’s also difficult to even be cleared to travel in the first place. Before traveling overseas, there are an array of testing requirements to be completed, and sometimes you even need to isolate when you return.

It is often easier to just stay home than get caught up in all of these health related boundaries, which is why staycations have become more popular.

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  • There is a lot to explore at home

During the pandemic, many of us discovered that it’s still possible to create our own fun at home. Staycations help us notice all the beautiful sights our hometowns have to offer.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a beautiful beach, a secluded hiking trail or a lively campsite near home. Staycations help us view where we live through fresh eyes and gain a deeper appreciation of where we’re from.

  • Staycations support the economy

And if you needed another reason to go on a staycation, do it for the economy. Staycations have been shown to stimulate local hospitality industries, which is a great way to rebuild economies post-pandemic.

  • Trips at home are better for the environment

More and more people are choosing to go on staycations as an attempt to reduce their environmental impact. Staycations are sustainable as they require less carbon emissions than flying or taking a cruise.

Camping has become particularly popular for these very reasons. Over 75% of people view camping as an eco-friendly travel option, which has contributed to the increase in staycations.

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