5 Reasons Why Camping In Autumn Is The UK's Best Kept Secret
5 Reasons Why Camping In Autumn Is The UK's Best Kept Secret

5 Reasons Why Camping In Autumn Is The UK's Best Kept Secret

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

If you’re like most people in the UK you probably think that camping should be reserved for summer. We get it – the traditional, unreliable British weather can leave you feeling like summer is the only safe time to go camping in the UK. However, thinking like that can see you miss out on one of the best times of the year to camp – Autumn!

Everyone knows how great camping is in summer – with great weather and amazing natural landscapes, what’s not to love? However, not many people know that camping in Autumn is also one of the most beautiful seasons to enjoy the great British countryside (and is often cheaper and less hassle too!).

Discover why you should consider camping in Autumn for your next trip away with our top 5 reasons.

  • You Can Go Away On Shorter Notice

The great thing about camping in Autumn is that campsites and natural spaces are much quieter. Not only does this mean that you’re able to explore stunning UK landscapes without crowding, but you’ll also be able to find a place to camp easily too.

Many of our TentBox community members love to get away spontaneously and use the park4night app to find spots without a need for campsites. These parking spaces are often quieter at tourist hotspots during Autumn and make it super easy to get away on short notice.

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  • The Weather Is Perfect For Activities

If you’re an active person, camping in Autumn can be amazing because the weather is ideal for walking, hiking, running, cycling and many other activities too. The summer months are great for beach breaks and exploring, but if you want to do some more intense activity, sometimes the summer months can be too hot.

Camping in Autumn is the best season for those who like to do more intense exercise in slightly cooler weather. Plus, with beautiful changing colours, forests and natural spaces look amazing in Autumn.

  • You’ll Be Able To Discover Your Favourite Places In Different Climates

The UK is full of great camping locations and has plenty to do, but experiencing your favourite places in a different season can bring a whole fresh set of eyes. The forests in the UK come alive with colour in the Autumn and even locations that you’ve visited several times can feel brand new when you visit in a different season.

Places like the New Forest in Hampshire or Savernake Forest near Marlborough are perfect Autumn camping locations. Plus, with a TentBox in tow, you can pick the most beautiful locations to set up camp without any stress.

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  • Shorter Days Are Great For Stargazing

If you’re the lucky owner of a TentBox Lite, Autumn is the perfect season to put that skylight to good use and view the stars from the comfort of your own bed. Although the shorter days mean less time out of the tent, it also means that you get more time to snuggle up with a loved one and enjoy the comfort of your tent under the stars.

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  • Autumn Camping Is Cheaper

If you’re visiting classic tourist hotspots and want to camp on a campsite, then often autumn is cheaper than the summer months. On top of this, often trade in tourist locations takes a hit in the off season, so you’ll be able to find lots of great deals on days out and dining experiences when you travel in Autumn.

Are you tempted to go camping in Autumn in the UK? To find your perfect roof top tent, take a look at our range of TentBox tents that are perfect for camping in Autumn.

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