Thanks For Coming To The TentBox Campout 2021!
Thanks For Coming To The TentBox Campout 2021!

Thanks For Coming To The TentBox Campout 2021!

Last update by Rachel
May 23, 2023

We’re over the moon that our first annual campout was such a success! Thanks so much to everyone who came – it was amazing to connect with you all.

After selling out the first batch of 200 tickets in a week, we added 100 more and sure enough all 300 sold out. We were so happy that so many of you turned up to hang out as a community, and enjoy the TentBox lifestyle together.

We Kicked Things Off By Comparing TentBox Setups

The weekend kicked off to a great start, with meet and greets and community mingling. As everyone pitched up their TentBoxes it was great to see the variety of setups, with a bit of friendly rivalry between models. We loved how open and welcoming everyone was – always sharing their tips for creating the best TentBox set up.

On arrival, people were split into 4 camping zones so that everyone had ample space to roam free. The campsite was on Black Rock Sands Beach in Porthmadog in West Wales, where there’s loads of space and easy access to the white sandy beach. We were even allowed to set up some of the TentBoxes on the beach which was amazing.

The area itself is just absolutely stunning, and we’ll definitely be back! As we’d hired the majority of the campsite for the weekend, it was like we had our own private beach in the middle of nowhere. It was the perfect place to kick back, relax and get to know the TentBox community a little better.

It Was Great To Meet So Many Like-Minded People

The best part was of course the people. We loved meeting so many like-minded people who love TentBox as much as we do! The activities seemed to be a hit, and everyone got stuck in which was great to see.

We tried to create something for everyone with activities like beach volleyball, rounders and hikes as well as more chilled out social activities like live music and campfires. We loved that so many of you opted to create your own fire pits to sit around and roast marshmallows. Although some of them were a bit smoky (something to work on for next time!)

BBQ’s, Beach Walks And Marshmallows Around The Fire Pit

The Saturday night BBQ was awesome, and we were glad to see that everyone put our on-site bar to good use! The event space seemed to be a great communal area, giving people the chance to relax in the evening and even have a little boogie into the night.

As always, the TentBox community is child and dog friendly, so it was great to see so many families rocking up and enjoying their weekend together. There’s nothing better than meeting like minded people and enjoying the outdoors together – and what an amazing way to do just that!

Stay Tuned For The Next One!

We’re hoping to hold these events annually, so please let us know where you think we should host the next community campout. You can let us know what you thought of the event over on social media either on Facebook (@TentBox) or Instagram! ().

Thanks for coming and sharing such an amazing campout with us. Our only regret was that it couldn’t last longer! What a weekend ?

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