TentBox makes waves at the London Cycle Show
TentBox makes waves at the London Cycle Show

TentBox makes waves at the London Cycle Show

Last update by Oliver
May 23, 2023

TentBox made its first official London appearance at last weekend’s Cycle Show, held at Alexandra Palace. The event was a great opportunity for us to introduce the world of roof tents to a core and engaged cycling audience.

Perfect for cycling enthusiasts

One of the main objectives of the show was to present TentBox as the ultimate option for weekend riding getaways. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, parent/child or as a small family, TentBox provides an ideal solution for those looking to spend the night outdoors without the hassle of setting up a traditional tent.

On display

We had the TentBox Cargo on display, complete with two top-end mountain bikes mounted to its proprietary roof rack. The bikes weighed over 30kg and the Cargo was able to open easily despite the weight. Whether you need to attach bikes, watersports equipment or a roof box, the Cargo can take up to 40kg and still open, making it a great addition to any camping trip.

The new Lite 2.0

Over on the TentBox branded Fiat Panda was the Lite 2.0. The brand-new tent was paired with a rear roof rack which held a top-end Colnago road bike, again illustrating the endless travel possibilities a TentBox provides. As always, the new model received a lot of attention, and the show visitors were very impressed with how quickly we were able to pop it open and take it down again.

Meeting Kriss Kyle!

The team had the pleasure of meeting Kriss Kyle, one of the world’s most creative Red Bull athletes. It was great to introduce him to our roof tents, he seemed pretty keen to give it a go himself! Watch this space?

Talking about BMX riders, we also had an aspiring racer who is set to travel Europe next summer for a series of events. After paying us a visit, he decided that a TentBox was the ultimate solution for his accommodation needs, saving him money (vs having to book a hotel or B&B every night), or time (vs having to set up a ground tent camp every night). We can’t wait to see how he gets on!

Thanks, Windwave

A big shout out to Windwave who were kind enough to provide some great bikes for the show, including a Transition Spire, Prevelo Zulu 3 and Colnago V3.


Overall, the London Cycle Show was a fantastic opportunity for TentBox to showcase our range of roof tents and meet with members of the cycling community. We can’t wait to see more riding TentBoxers out on the road – see you at the trails?

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