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May 23, 2023


Get fully involved in the TentBox community by setting up and running your very own Facebook sub-group!

  • What is a TentBox Approved Facebook sub-group?
  • How to join a TentBox sub-group
  • Creating a TentBox sub-group
  • Getting people to join your group
  • Group chat rules & ettiquette
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1. What is a TentBox Approved Facebook sub-group?

A TentBox Approved sub-group is a private Facebook group, that has a particular focus, like a geographical area or certain interest. It's still all about TentBox though!

They will always have '| TB Approved' at the end of the group name.

They are operated by TentBox Community members (not the TentBox team), but affiliated with and supported by TentBox, with the intention of fostering a wider sense of community in a safe and consistent way.

You are welcome to join them, or create your own! (see details about creating one below).

Check the bottom of this page, for rules on sub-group etiquette. If you are concerned about any activity or conduct within a group chat, please read our safeguarding information here, or contact support@tentbox.com

2. How to join a TentBox sub-group

You join a sub-group, just like you would any normal Facebook group.

You can find sub-groups by searching 'TentBox' on Facebook or asking members of Club TentBox for suggestions on what groups are available.

You MUST be a member of the main TentBox Community Facebook group to join an approved sub-group.

Each group may have some questions for you to answer before you are accepted, please answer these truthfully.

Before joining any sub-groups we ask that you read the sub-group etiquette guidance at the bottom of this page.

3. Creating a TentBox sub-group

We actively encourage our TentBox Ambassadors to become Community Leaders. A Community Leader is someone who is actively helping to make the community a fun, welcoming and sociable place.

One way to do this is to set up fun, interesting and useful TentBox sub-groups on Facebook, in order to foster a sense of community & belonging amongst the Community.

(If you have a TentBox, but are not yet a registered ambassador, you can sign up here)

To make your own TentBox sub-group, follow the below steps:

Step 1 - decide on your group

Decide exactly what sub-group you want to set up and what it will be about. i.e 'TentBox | Hikers' or 'TentBox | Scotland' or 'TentBox | Families'. Make sure this group is not already in existence.

  • If you find it already exists we encourage you to join the existing one and start getting involved from there.
  • If you feel the existing group has been neglected and you would like to be an admin or moderator to reignite a sense of community in the group, you can do that by contacting support@tentbox.com

Step 2 - let us know

Fill out this form with the details of your sub-group, to let us know what group you want to create.

  • Once the TentBox team have approved the sub-group, TentBox will create the sub-group for you (this means we can put the correct rules, description and imagery in place)
  • You will then be made an admin of the group
  • TentBox will not be responsible for the sub-group. As the admin, it will be your responsibility to keep the sub-group alive and kicking.
  • If the group is neglected and not used TentBox will take action by allowing additional admins to take over or deleting the group altogether. This is to ensure that there is no sense of spamming and inactive groups.
  • If you would like additional admins added to the group, let us know.

We will add the following when creating your group:

  • A properly formatted header image, with the TentBox logo (you can provide image suggestions by the form)
  • A group name, that follows the TentBox approved standard (based on the name you provide)
  • Group rules - these are the same across all TentBox-affiliated groups
  • Group description - these are the same across all TentBox-affiliated groups
  • Welcome message - This will be the same across all TentBox affiliated groups
  • Set up the group 'intro questions' for new members, you will be responsible for accepting new member requests!

Step 3 - ready, set go!

Once the sub-group has been created and you have been made an admin, TentBox will take a back seat and let you start welcoming new members and creating conversations.

  • Make sure you have read the group rules and understand what duties you have as a sub-group admin (Community Leader)
  • As a Community, you are representing the TentBox brand and building a community.
  • Always reach out to TentBox if you need help
  • Check the bottom of this page, for rules on sub-group etiquette. You are responsible for upholding these values
  • Please read our safeguarding information here
  • Contact support@tentbox.com if you need any support whatsoever

4. Getting people to join your group

  • Now you’re an official TentBox Sub-Group admin, we’ll connect your sub-group to the main TentBox Community Facebook group.
  • You may also get featured across our social platforms/newsletter if your group is popping off!
  • You should also make an introductory post for your group on the main TentBox Community Facebook group, and continue to invite relevant people, by linking to your group in the comments to posts

5. Group chat rules & etiquette

It is hugely important that the below rules are followed, to ensure that the TentBox sub-groups remain a safe space for all. If you are uncomfortable in a chat, please leave it immediately and contact support@tentbox.com to make us aware of your concerns. You can read our safeguarding information here.

  1. Respect the purpose and objective of each group. Uphold a respectful manner towards other members in the group and in comments. Any complaints, bullying and other forms of discrimination to be found taking place on sub-groups will be investigated by TentBox which could lead to a ban from the main group.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable in a group for any reason, please feel free to leave, and/or make TentBox aware. TentBox will take action where necessary.
  3. Don’t get angry if someone doesn’t respond to your post. No one is obliged to do so. However, you should always try to respond if you can, as that's what makes it a fun place to be!
  4. Before sending a video, picture, meme or any content, analyze if such material will be in the interest of the majority of the members of the group. Please remember that once content has been shared to a group chat this becomes visible to all members. TentBox cannot control what is shared, please be cautious of these facts before sending content. Equally, we ask that you do not share other group members' content without asking for permission from the owner first.
  5. Unless it’s a thematic group on politics or religion, avoid placing such content since hardly all will have the same religious beliefs or political preferences. Avoid unnecessary debates.
  6. All group members must be over the age of 18
  7. If you are not sure, ask yourself these four questions before you write a post:
    Is this relevant?
    Is this necessary?
    Is this a good time to post?
    Does it go against the guidelines?

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