Principles, Disputes and Safeguarding

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May 28, 2024


We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment in the online and offline TentBox community.

  • Pricinples & ethos
  • TentBox member disputes
  • Safeguarding

Principles and ethos

The main priority of The TentBox Community is to connect TentBoxers, in order to facilitate friendship, fun and adventure

We're all about our community and sharing adventures with like-minded people. We want everyone to have a really great experience at every touchpoint, before and after purchasing a TentBox.

We are loyal to our team and to our community. By sticking together and respecting each other, we’ll grow together. We value the enjoyment and enthusiasm of its members while maintaining a positive attitude and respect towards themselves and others. 

The following is a set of principles that have been created by TentBox to ensure everyone has the best experience they can. These apply to both face-to-face meetings and online interactions. 

Principle 1

TentBox is about inclusivity. There should be no difficulty for every person to be involved in all aspects of The TentBox Community.


No one should feel left out regardless of their circumstances e.g, mental health, physical health, or shyness etc. Remember the reason you joined, you are all valued members of The TentBox Community with a passion for TentBoxing and adventures.

Principle 2

Respect the rights of others regardless of; gender, race, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation, or cultural background. Any act of discrimination will lead to immediate suspension of all TentBox-owned groups.​


This includes online and face-to-face meet-ups. It's very easy to be thoughtless behind the keyboard and intentional abuse will never be tolerated. 

Principle 3

The contributions of all TentBox members who give their time and resources are valued. Whether this be through organised meet-ups, group chats, sub-groups, or simply contributions to the TentBox-owned groups.​


TentBox leaders and other contributors who give their time and effort to making events happen should be treated respectfully, fairly, and appropriately. Equally, if somebody shares a story or photo on a TentBox-owned group, they should be treated with respect, and never mocked under any circumstance. 

Principle 4

Be respectful to members of the public and the environment surrounding TentBox groups. 


Campsites, landowners, the general public, and others (including in an online environment) should be treated appropriately. Always be mindful of choosing environmentally friendly options, especially no littering. 

Principle 5

Be supportive, positive, and encouraging to all TentBox members whether online or face-to-face.


Positive commenting and appropriate advice on online posts only. 

Principle 6

Communication is key, both online and offline to ensure safety for all involved. 


Try to resolve disputes amicably, or if you need assistance, contact TentBox via

These principles are set for guidance to ensure a safe and exciting environment for all members of The TentBox Community, but repeated or serious breaches could lead to further action taken by TentBox.

TentBox member disputes

It is inevitable that a small number of our community will misbehave from time to time and that not all personalities mix.

We recognise that we cannot regulate conduct outside of our events, social media platforms and groups. However, to facilitate a safe community, we will carefully consider conducting complaints outside of a TentBox environment.

When it comes to matters of disputes within the community, please follow the process below:

  1. The relevant parties to a dispute should first try to resolve the issue directly with each other, through open and honest communication.

  2. If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily through direct communication, the dispute can be brought to the attention of the TentBox Team where we will attempt to reach a resolution.

  3. If the dispute cannot be resolved through conversation, the TentBox Team may suggest/make a decision on the matter based on the group's rules and guidelines

  4. For fundamental breaches of TentBox rules and guidelines that have an impact across the community, bearing in mind the safety of all our members, this should be reported to the TentBox Team which may result in a ban on all TentBox-owned groups.

  5. A person may appeal their ban, but the onus will be on them to provide any evidence or argument in support of their appeal. TentBox will always aim to make decisions based on facts.


Safeguarding statement

Statement on Allegations of Serious Misconduct or Criminal Acts

We at TentBox are committed to providing a safe online and offline environment for all users. We will not tolerate proven misconduct of any kind.

Please note:

  • Individuals are responsible for themselves and their own conduct at all times
  • Always adhere to the law, and follow our principles above when in public (including online)
  • All members of our social media groups should be over the age of 18
  • Attendees at any TentBox branded event (whether or not it is organised by TentBox) who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Any allegations of serious misconduct or criminal acts, should be reported using the below process.

Escalation process

If the conduct complained of happened 'online'

(Social Media / Messaging Platforms)

a) If the conduct in question has occurred on social media groups or pages operated by TentBox, then appropriate action will be taken as soon as we are aware of it. This could include expulsion from the group(s) on all platforms. Depending on the nature of the conduct, it may also include reporting to the police or other appropriate authorities.

b) If the conduct occurred on social media groups or pages with TentBox branding, that are not operated by TentBox, then please speak to the admin of that platform. If you do not think the matter is being dealt with properly, then please contact our team via If necessary, the police or proper authorities should be alerted by the victim and/or witnesses without delay.

If the conduct complained of happened 'offline'

(Events / Takeovers)

If the conduct complained of happened 'offline' at an event or takeover:

(a) If the conduct was at a TentBox branded/organised event and the TentBox Team organised, attended and/or facilitated the event, then the matter should be reported to them onsite or as soon as practical afterwards and/or to the police or other proper authorities; or

(b) If the conduct happened at a TentBox branded event that was organised by members of the social media group and The TentBox Team did not attend, then please speak to the event organiser. If you do not think the matter is being dealt with properly, then contact the TentBox Team via If necessary, the police or proper authorities should be alerted by the victim and/or witnesses without delay.

How TentBox will react

TentBox will act appropriately on any findings, up to and including expulsion from the group. It may also be appropriate for TentBox to temporarily suspend anyone involved in the conduct from our groups, pending a resolution.

If no such report to the authorities is made or if an investigation is ongoing then it is highly inappropriate for members to comment on the group about the incident and this could amount to a breach of TentBox online usage rules.

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