Travelling With TentBox Lite
Travelling With TentBox Lite

Travelling With TentBox Lite

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We caught up with TentBox ambassador, Spencer, to discuss his TentBox travels. Spencer owns the TentBox Lite, and is a valued member of the TentBox community. Take a look at his TentBox experience…

Which Model Do You Have?

I have the TentBox Lite as for me it was the most affordable and best option. I love the design, and how it offers so much space. I think it offers the most space out of the 3 models that TentBox has.

Why Did You Choose To Be A TentBox Ambassador?

I’m more than happy to endorse TentBox as I believe that it is a great product that is changing how people can travel. Being able to get away on short notice and see the countryside is an amazing benefit of having a TentBox.

I love my TentBox because of how good the materials are on the Roof Top Tent. I also love the feeling of just having the tent on my truck and being able to set it up without putting up guy ropes or pegging anything into the ground. That’s always so much effort and with a TentBox you literally just pop it up and you’re good to go in minutes.

I can also pack my sleeping bags and blankets in with the tent when I pack it away which is really quick and easy. Normal tents can’t do that.

Where Have You Been Travelling With TentBox?

My first camping experience with my TentBox was on my front drive, I couldn’t wait to try it out! Since then I’ve been to a campsite near Thetford forest and Sandringham Campsite after walking around the Queen’s Gardens.

My next travel plans are to go to France this Christmas where I’ll be camping in a forest near where I used to live. Then I plan to travel the French alps next Easter and then hopefully head down to Nice, France to camp near the beaches in the summer.

Would You Recommend TentBox?

Absolutely I would recommend TentBox, they’re one of the best companies on the market and their customer service is great.

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