Travelling The UK With The TentBox Cargo 
Travelling The UK With The TentBox Cargo 

Travelling The UK With The TentBox Cargo 

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

Ever wondered what the benefits of the TentBox Cargo are? We caught up with Michael Chatt, a TentBox evangelist, to discuss why his TentBox Cargo is ideal for surf trips around the UK.

We love connecting with our TentBox community, and sharing hints and tips from the people who have travelled with their TentBox. Take a look at what Michael has to say about his travels with the TentBox Cargo.

What TentBox Do You Have?

I have the TentBox Cargo. It’s great for me as I use it for work when I travel around. I also wanted something more lightweight and slim that I can pack away quickly and will fit alongside my surf boards on the roof bars.

I love the simplicity of the Cargo, how easy it is to put up and down. It’s also given me the freedom of being able to stay in so many more places, whether that’s longer trips or just short stays. Having it on the roof gives me the opportunity to travel more. The roof rack is ideal for my situation as it keeps my boards more secure whilst I am asleep.

I have also found that due to the tent having a white internal roof, I can use a projector to watch films whilst lying down, which is very cool!

Where Do You Like To Travel?

I have used my TentBox a lot for staying around the beaches in the Devon and Cornwall areas for surf trips. I won’t be divulging where I’m afraid because I like to keep them a secret!! If people want to know where the best places are for surfing, hiking and active holidays in the UK, they need to get out there and earn them! However, Dartmoor is a good place to start.

Dartmoor is a personal favourite as it’s excellent for day trips with my kids. The kids love the TentBox, and they make it into a fort/treehouse etc and it gives them shade when it is hot.

We travel anywhere we fancy really – that can be parks, reservoirs, picnics etc, anywhere I can get the truck. It’s great for getting out for the day and not having to worry about staying overnight wherever you like – the sense of freedom is amazing. We also recently went to an open air cinema and popped up the TentBox and watched a film from within it. It was great.

Would You Recommend The TentBox Cargo?

I would highly recommend my TentBox. I have used it a lot and it is performing as I’d expect. It’s tough enough to withstand harsh weather and it can be easily dried after being put away wet.

It’s always there when needed, I have often made last minute decisions to stay out overnight, especially because I love being active and sometimes stay places longer than I initially expected by accident. Being able to sleep in the TentBox rather than drive home tired is a game changer.

TentBox is ideal for water sports enthusiasts due to the roof bars. I would highly recommend it for Pickups with a solid canopy. It’s a perfect match as the tent sits on the pickup roof and you get a sort of patio outside the tent.

Where Would You Like To Take Your TentBox In The Future?

I would like to take the TentBox on to the continent – the south of France and the French/Austrian/Swiss Alps are on my list. I would also love to take it on a road trip around Scotland,

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