Top Travel Recommendations For The TentBox Lite
Top Travel Recommendations For The TentBox Lite

Top Travel Recommendations For The TentBox Lite

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

The TentBox Community is a massive part of our brand. As a company started by camping-lovers, we’re passionate about keeping the connection to the camping community alive.

We find that chatting to the TentBox Community is the best way to find out how our TentBox models hold up and learn any tips and tricks that we might not have thought of. Take a look at what Alain had to say about his experience with the TentBox Lite.

Do you have any add ons to your TentBox?

I have a TentBox Lite with side awning. The Side Awning offers shelter from the rain or sun and only takes a minute to set-up.

Why did you choose the TentBox Lite?

I chose the Lite because of the design, the price & great reviews. It has lots of space inside & I loved the colour (black & orange).

Where do you travel with your TentBox?

I often go to Devon to visit family once a month. While I’m there I do wild/free camping in the woods for one nighters. Devon is a great place to go camping and there is some amazing countryside to explore.

I am just back from a week away in Suffolk camping at Orchard campsite, Wickham Market. We parked up in the bottom field next to a river, which was really picturesque. We were the only ones at the bottom of the site so we had a really relaxing time. We explored on foot with our two dogs every day & spent the evenings back at camp cooking & chilling.

Aside from bigger trips, we also love to be spontaneous and go for a drive on a Saturday, walk the dogs & spend the night out somewhere. If the weather is good we often just take off and explore our local area. We love a change of scenery, and camping with a TentBox on the roof is so easy.

What are your future travel plans?

We would love to do the NC500, and are planning to tackle it in May 2022 for 2 weeks. That is the big one we have planned, but we also have lots of weekends away all over the country. We’ll also do a week away in the Lakes too, where we will do some wild/free camping.

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Are you considering the TentBox Lite?

The TentBox Lite is our most slimline and popular models, that offers a comfortable sleeping pod for two. With a mattress and an integrated skylight, you get all the benefits of a traditional TentBox Classic without the added weight. It’s perfect for cars of any size, and comes with the ladder right out of the box.

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