Top Historical Sights To See In The UK
Top Historical Sights To See In The UK

Top Historical Sights To See In The UK

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

The UK is known for its historical landmarks and incredible ancient sights. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident of the UK, the heritage of this country is rich and full of life.

Historical days out can make great trips that educate and inspire. They’re especially great if you’re travelling around with your TentBox, as you’ll find that almost every city in the UK has a piece of history hidden within it that’s worth seeing. With a TentBox you can see several sights in one go, stopping off at the locations that take your fancy. Discover the best Castles, listed buildings and Cathedrals that wow tourists and locals alike.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about this sight is that no one really knows how it got here. We know that it is around 5000 years old, and probably has something to do with the rising and setting of the sun at solstices, however we don’t really know much about its purpose or how it came to be. The prehistoric monument is one of the most famous in the world, and is an especially stunning sight at dusk and dawn.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Any image of the London skyline will likely feature St Paul’s Cathedral – the amazing 1710 structure that was built on top of the original Cathedral that stood in this place. The original was a Gothic cathedral built by the Normans, which was sadly destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666. The domed Cathedral that we see today was for a long time the highest building in London between 1710 to 1963.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is full of amazing historical sights, however Edinburgh Castle is arguably the most loved. Set on top of Castle Rock, this awe inspiring building dominates the Edinburgh skyline and sits high above the rest of the city. The Castle has been historically royal, housing the Kings and Queens of Scotland for nearly 1000 years.

The Roman Baths

Bath is rich in historical treasure, but arguably the Roman baths are the city’s most famous sight. The entire city has world heritage status and has been noted as highly historically significant. The 2000 year old buildings are nestled between some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, making Bath well worth the visit.

Hadrian’s Wall

The UK is full of Roman treasure, and Hadrian’s Wall is part of the legacy of Roman Britain. The wall is a world heritage site despite the fact that it’s 73 miles long! It was built between 122 and 130AD by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and runs from the West to the East of the UK.


Stratford is a great place to visit, due to all of the incredible historical buildings. It is Shakespeare’s town, being the birthplace of the famous writer and poet, and is therefore littered with museums and information about Shakespeare. Plus, if you like Shakespeare’s plays, the Royal Shakespeare Company performs them at the Swan Theatre in the city.

Canterbury Cathedral

There are so many amazing Cathedrals in the UK, however Canterbury is renowned as one of the most beautiful. The holy seat of Christianity is a stunning historical site that tells the tale of the brutal murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket who, in 1170, who was killed in the Cathedral itself.

You can visit the exact spot in the Cathedral, with iron-clast windows that tell the stories of the cathedral, including the murder plot.

Buckingham Palace

No list of historical sites in the UK would be complete without mentioning the home of the Queen – Buckingham Palace. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is a place of huge cultural and historical importance. Originally built in the 1700s for Duke Buckingham, it was then bought for Queen Charlotte as her private residence. Today it houses the Queen, and is a beautiful place to visit when in London.

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