The Evolution Of Camping With TentBoxer David
The Evolution Of Camping With TentBoxer David

The Evolution Of Camping With TentBoxer David

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We’re always fascinated to learn how our customers found TentBox and what led them to buy a rooftop tent. For many TentBoxers, like David, a love of camping has always been at the heart of their TentBox fascination.

In many ways, a roof top tent is the natural evolution for a keen camper who wants to enjoy the great outdoors without investing in a huge financial commitment like a campervan. We caught up with David to chat about why he chose TentBox and what makes it the logical choice for any avid camper.

A Camping Lover From Day One

David describes himself as a camping lover from day one, having enjoyed lots of camping trips as a kid. This love of the outdoors made him want to invest in the equipment to enjoy it fully after an unfortunate camping disaster using a normal tent. He told me:

“I grew up camping – it was always my favourite kind of holiday and I’ve always camped with my family. We said goodbye to our last tent just before lockdown. It gave us 10 years of wonderful adventures but finally gave up on us after a rather wet and windy break in Cornwall”.

We all know that feeling of being stuck with a leaky tent that has given up on us mid-trip! This is something that people always love about the TentBox – it is wind and waterproof, so you never have to worry about being caught out and end up soggy.

David told us, “we’ve always had large family tents which take a while to set up and take down which meant we tended to stay in one place. We decided it was time to look for something new and as our Son is now grown up and about to embark on his own adventures we decided we wanted something that would give us the flexibility to be more mobile if we wanted to”.

This is another major benefit of opting for a TentBox – it only takes a few seconds to set up. This not only saves you time to start enjoying your camping trip straight away, but it also means you can move around more and see more places on one epic trip.

The Full Camping Experience

One thing David was adamant about was keeping the authentic camping experience. That was the part of camping he loved so much after all!

“We still wanted the proper feeling of camping and wanted to be able to wild camp so after a considerable amount of research we discovered TentBox. Naturally we looked at other rooftop tents but TentBox seemed to win hands down based on fantastic quality and great customer service. We decided on a TentBox Classic as we loved the small footprint yet ample space inside and of course the setup and takedown time is absolutely fantastic!”.

The small footprint and proper feeling of camping is such an important part of TentBox. For something super lightweight but with all the TentBox benefits, check out the Lite.

Trips With TentBox

Due to lockdowns in the UK, David hasn’t been able to get out as much as he’d like to. He has been able to use his TentBox to change the scenery and camp in his garden from time to time though. He also has lots of exciting future plans.

“We’ve ordered the winter insulation and side awning so that we can get out and explore regardless of the time of year. Current restrictions have meant that we have only camped in the garden so far ( best nights sleep ever!) but as restrictions ease we plan initially to use our Tent Box as a surfing, mountain biking and walking base to camp locally in Yorkshire”.

“We also plan to explore some of the Scottish islands and highlands in the late summer and autumn. We’ve started to put together an itinerary for exploring Norway next summer which is really exciting. We’d really love to see the midnight Sun in the North. The flexibility TentBox has given us has made us feel like we are really spoilt for choice so watch this space!”.

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