TentBox Owner Patrick Reviews The Lite
TentBox Owner Patrick Reviews The Lite

TentBox Owner Patrick Reviews The Lite

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We always stay up to date with our customers to hear how their travels with their TentBox are going. Catching up with our community is one of the best parts of the job, and we love to share what our TentBox customers have been up to.

This week we spoke to Patrick to find out more about his experience with the TentBox Lite.

What TentBox do you have?

We have the TentBox Lite which is set up on a VW T5 Transporter.

The classic travelling van has plenty of room for storage and is a great partner for The TentBox Lite, which is the smallest when packed away, of the TentBox models.

What’s your usual TentBox trip?

I normally use the TentBox to go camping with family & I also enjoy weekends away mountain biking with mates. I sometimes go away alone and sometimes with friends. I often like to take the TentBox away with my wife, two kids and two dogs too!

What’s your favourite memory with the TentBox?

Just last weekend I went mountain biking in the Lakes.

Day one was spectacular weather for October and then it rained. It didn’t stop raining for 12 hours and the TentBox was perfect. All my bedding stayed bone dry so when I climbed into bed there were no soggy sleeping bags.

Honestly, due to the drop in overnight temperatures, there was a little condensation on the inside walls in the morning, but it didn’t wet anything. I was alone on this trip so there was plenty of room.

Would you recommend the TentBox Lite?

For sure. The TentBox Lite is huge inside. Trust me, I’m 6 foot 8’ tall and even with me and the wife inside, it never feels cramped.

When I camp with the family, we usually put the kids in the TentBox (what kid doesn’t want to sleep in a roof tent?!)

It’s an awesome piece of kit for me. The cheapest pop-top roof conversion was double the price and with the TentBox, I can transfer between vehicles. If I decide to downsize from the van, it would go straight on the roof of a car no problem.

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