"TentBox is the best camping experience you'll have"
"TentBox is the best camping experience you'll have"

"TentBox is the best camping experience you'll have"

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We caught up with TentBox ambassador, Charly, to quiz her on her TentBox adventures and gain more insight for the TentBox community.

What TentBox do you have?

I have a black and grey TentBox Lite on a black Land Rover Freelander. The colours compliment each other nicely!

Why did you choose TentBox?

I chose to buy a TentBox because my best friend has one to be honest! I then joined the Facebook community and saw a lot of TentBoxer’s adventures and decided that I would invest! At the time I was single and found a TentBox would enable me to go exploring on my own.

What adventures have you been on with your TentBox?

So I have have been on 3 really exciting adventures so far;

  • The first one was in my garden! This was the first ever time I put my TentBox up and discovered how to put my TentBox up on my own. It was such a warm evening and the cat decided to join us which was so sweet!
  • My second experience was with my best friend and we went down to Cornwall, booking it all just the week before. Our first campsite (if you can class it a campsite) was a field on a hill! We had been predicted torrential rain and 60mph winds, which I can confirm we endured! The rain started and we parked the car up on the flattest area we could find which in my point of view was very diagonal. We set the TentBox up and got settled in! We woke up the next day dry, if anything warm! The car and TentBox were in the same spot and same condition exactly as we had left them – we were amazed! The wind you could hear outside but couldn’t feel at all and I vouch to this day it was probably the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time!
  • My third experience was the second campsite of our Cornwall adventure, it was a beautiful and quaint little campsite. We pitched up and the owner came over to have a look because she’d never heard of a TentBox before. She was so amazed and all the other campers were also. We had about 3/4 people come and take a photo of the TentBox asking questions. They were all so eager to ask us questions in the morning and too see how warm and dry we were!

What are your future plans for your TentBox?

My partner and I are now expecting our first baby mid 2021 so we plan to take the baby away with us in the TentBox as soon as it is safe. We have seen so many other couples in the community with children and dogs and we believe having a family won’t stop us TentBoxing!

Any tips and tricks to share with the community?

-I would recommend buying some LED battery or solar powered fairy lights for inside the TentBox! They give you enough light once the zip is done up and it saves your battery on your mobile.

-We recommend sleeping with a duvet or heavy blanket because the TentBox keeps you completely dry and nothing feels damp in the morning so you can pack in all of your nice duvets and pillows.

– When booking places to stay I would advise you to just say you have a TentBox and describe what one is if they don’t know. A lot of campsites won’t charge you any different or they will subsidise the cost because you aren’t actually pitching!

– Take fluffy socks and your comfies because there is nothing better than setting up and relaxing!

– Last of all, ENJOY! TentBox is the best camping experience you’ll have!

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