Camping With Wild Wolves In Croatia
Camping With Wild Wolves In Croatia

Camping With Wild Wolves In Croatia

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023
We caught up with Goran, a TentBox owner who lives in Opatija, Croatia. His small village sits on the northern part of Adriatic sea and has lots of beautiful spots nearby which are ideal for exploring with TentBox. Goran is passionate about Land Rovers and nature, and loves his Classic Black TentBox as an extension of his Defender.

Why Did You Choose A TentBox Classic?

Let me go back to a few months back when I purchased my Land Rover Defender 110. I started to modify it and when I was almost finished I found a need to purchase a roof top tent. There was several thing I was looking for;
  • Must be rigid, hard shell
  • Must not exceed the width of my roof rack
  • Must be black
  • Must be aerodynamic
Honestly it was easy to find the TentBox Classic and as soon as I knew more about it, it quickly became my No1 choice. As my TentBox arrived in summer and I live in Croatia, near the sea, it was obvious that my first camping trip would be on an island.

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Location: Island of Cres (Croatia) Place: Orlec The location for my first camping was in Orlec, a small village on the island of Cres. I was very excited as this was my first camping trip with a Land rover Defender and first camping trip where I was wild camping. After a day of driving, swimming and enjoying the summer we found a nice semi hidden location where we set up our camp. It took less than 1 minute to prepare our small roof house for the night. Inside the TentBox, I had already prepared two pillows, one sheet and sleeping bag. The good thing about the TentBox classic is that all this stuff can be kept inside while you’re on the road. When you are sat with an amazing sunset, great company, and a comfy tent to sleep in all you feel is great pleasure. Like land rover defenders owner say, ONE LIFE, LIVE IT!!! That night we stayed awake till midnight, watching the clear sky, enjoying the silence and drinking gin & tonics. Our first night in a TentBox Classic that I will never forget. In the morning we woke up before sunrise, made coffee and enjoyed the view until the beach started to fill up with visitors. Within 30 seconds my TentBox Classic was ready, packed for a ride.

Camping on SLAPIĆ

Location: Duga resa (Croatia) Place: Camping SLAPIĆ Our second camping with the TentBox Classic was on the river Mrežnica near Zagreb, capital of Croatia. The reason why we go there in summer time is the recreational bike race from Delnice to Karlovac where I act as a support team. The race starts at 10AM in Delnice and finishes around 3PM at Karlovac. When my team finished the race we followed the road from Karlovac to Duga resa to reach kamp SLAPIĆ on river Mrežnica – an amazing place with beautiful nature around. We were with 3 cars and I was the only one who didn’t need to pay check in for the camp site as my tent was on the roof so I don’t occupy additional space when camping. After check in formality we entered the camp searching for our place and the nice thing was that during my TentBox set up lots of neighbours came to ask about it. The nice shape of the TentBox Classic on an upgraded Land Rover Defender is a win-win combination. To be honest, I’ve seen many hard shell roof top tents on different vehicles, but none of them attract as much attention as my TentBox Classic does. Klima on camp SLAPIĆ was a little bit different than on the island of Cres where we were on our first camping trip. If you are close to the river you must be ready for huge humidity in the morning but my TentBox handled it very well. Outside the air was wet like it was raining, but inside the TentBox the air was dry.

Winter Fairytale

Location: Wild Forest, somewhere around ski resort Platak This trip was on a Wednesday, a day after the first serious snowfall in Croatia. I woke up in the morning, packed my things, checked the car visually, started the engine and set off… Destination wild forest around ski resort Platak here we come! After I reached the ski resort I was exploring a snowy covered forest road and I moved around almost all day. In the late afternoon I set up a winter camp deep inside the forest, made some fire, and prepared dinner. The TentBox Classic was already up, ready to keep me warm me inside. Staying overnight in the forest is always some kind of adventure because you never know what to expect. As my good friend Hunter says, expect the unexpected and be always ready. I chilled out outside till 8PM and I wanted to stay more but suddenly the call of a wild Wolf changed my mind. I climbed up on my TentBox and closed the mosquito net, shut off all light and I just observed. I felt so safe right there on the roof, 2.4m from the ground inside my TentBox Classic. 3 Grey Wolves moved around my camping area and I just observed those amazing animals from above. Around midnight I fell asleep and woke up at 6AM next morning. This was the first night I spent outside in the forest alone in winter time with snow around. The TentBox Classic completely justified its price. No condensation, no moisture and good wind and temperature protection.


The TentBox Classic is a great product from TentBox. It’s great quality, has a fast set up and a nice fancy look. If you are camping during summer time all you need is a summer sleeping bag. If you are adventurous and you are camping all year I suggest you buy a good winter sleeping bag. On the TentBox website you can find winter insulation for the classic models.

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