TentBox Customer Stories: Travelling With The TentBox Lite
TentBox Customer Stories: Travelling With The TentBox Lite

TentBox Customer Stories: Travelling With The TentBox Lite

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We love it when TentBox Customers share their stories with us! Not only do we love knowing that our TentBoxes have been on some amazing adventures, but we also like to help community members find the best places to camp.

We recently had a chat with Sean, a proud owner of the TentBox Lite. The Lite is our most compact and lightweight model, and a firm favourite with our community members. Although it’s thinner and lighter, it still features a sleeping pod for two and memory foam mattress for a great night’s sleep.

What made you choose your TentBox model?

I currently have the TentBox Lite, which I decided to purchase after seeing them on social media. I was immediately interested in one and loved that it folds out to create a comfortable sleeping space with a mattress and integrated skylight.

Having done traditional camping for a while, I was fed up with wet ground sheets, trying to get pegs into the ground and generally just trying to fold the tent into a bag.

aerial photography of mountain under gray clouds

Where do you take your TentBox?

We received our TentBox in July this year and have tried to cram in as many nights as possible before the winter weather kicks in.

We took a trip to the Isle of Mull which is home to the most Westerly Munro – Ben More. The TentBox was great for that, as we were up early and had to pack away so quickly ready for the day ahead to explore the island. The TentBox was ideal for this.

Whilst there we also explored the Isle of Iona, and took a trip out to Staffa to see the caves and puffins. Highly recommended! We stayed at Penny Gowan campsite and Salen Bay, which were both very nice. There are a few places on Mull that would cater for wild camping also if that’s what you are looking for.

On another trip we did the Scottish North coast 500 over 6 nights. We went clockwise, staying in Apple Cross Bay to watch the amazing sunsets. During the day you can see red deer wandering around the main streets and the town, which is amazing to see.

We then made our way up to Clachtoll Beach and Achmelvich Bay where we enjoyed some paddle boarding in the turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches! The weather was so amazing. You would swear it was the Caribbean!

After staying over in Tongue we then made a trip to take Ben Hope – Scotland’s most Northern Munro. There are a couple of small lay-bys along this single track road near by the route for Ben Hope where you can wild camp right next to Loch Hope.

green grass field near body of water during daytime

Where will you go next?

We are planning on taking in some more Scottish Islands in the near future such as Harris and Uist. We have been to Skye previous but will definitely be heading back with the TentBox.

We also plan to take a trip down to Wales to explore Snowdonia. As we live on the West Coast of Scotland in Ayrshire one of our favourite places is the Isle of Arran so we can’t wait to go over and spend more time there.

If you like the outdoors, the Isle of Arran is a special place. If you take the time to explore you’ll see it’s like Scotland in miniature form. They have a great whisky distillery with a great tour and tasting available. Arran gold liqueur is amazing.

But the biggest tip for camping especially in Scottish highlands is to take plenty of midge repelling equivalent. Sprays, head nets just whatever works.

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