TentBox Customer Stories: Paul Shares His Top Tips 
TentBox Customer Stories: Paul Shares His Top Tips 

TentBox Customer Stories: Paul Shares His Top Tips 

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We caught up with TentBox owner, Paul, to discuss all things TentBox Lite. As you’ll know if you follow us, we have a strong community full of camping lovers who share the word about TentBox. We try to connect with every customer to gather their tips and tricks, and pass that on to the rest of the community.

Paul is a proud owner of the TentBox Lite, so take a look at the adventures he’s been on lately if you’re considering this model.

Why did you choose the TentBox Lite?

I compared the TentBox to lots of other models on the market and it was the best quality compared to other ‘light’ models. The TentBox Lite is really compact when packed away, but spreads out and offers lots of room once up.

What’s your favourite part of having a TentBox?

It means you can get away whenever! We do lots of weekend getaways on the Isle of Wight where I camp right on the beach and go on SUP adventures. You couldn’t do that with a normal tent. It’s nice to know you have a bed on your roof and can go anywhere.

We also like to go on weekend getaways with friends and family at local campsites, and we find that the TentBox is so easy to put up and down. We also love to go on longer trips with the TentBox, like a recent week long holiday in Cornwall. The TentBox makes a great base to go exploring from!

What are your future plans with your TentBox?

We really want to continue with the weekend getaways and ensure that we make the most of our free time. There is so much to see in the UK, so we’d like to keep going on spontaneous camping trips to see more of it.

Any tips and tricks you’d be able to share with the TentBox community?

Try and find a way to tie the TentBox down in strong winds. It is pretty sturdy, but if you’re camping somewhere like the beach where the wind will get you, be sure to secure it down fully so it doesn’t fold or flail in the wind.

Plus, be really careful not to fold it down wet. Nothing bad happens, but it’s much better to dry it out fully before folding it to avoid dampness.

Any travel recommendations for the best places to take a TentBox?

Go to the Isle of Wight! It’s peaceful and beautiful and there are lots of good campsites too.

Some of the best Isle of Wight campsites are:


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