TentBox Customer Jay Shares His Favourite Camping Experience 
TentBox Customer Jay Shares His Favourite Camping Experience 

TentBox Customer Jay Shares His Favourite Camping Experience 

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

We always love to hear what you’ve been up to with your TentBox. Our community is thriving and growing all the time, so it’s fun to share stories with one another to inspire future trips! This week we caught up with Jay, the proud owner of the TentBox Classic.

What TentBox do you have?

The TentBox Classic, which is on our Freelander.

What do you use the TentBox for?

We use our tent box classic on our Freelander for both weekend breaks and longer trips. Most recently, we completed 1300 miles doing the NC500 from East to West.

We wild camped the whole way around then added on an impromptu stay at a campsite next to Ullswater on our journey home.

What do you like about the TentBox?

The spontaneity and convenience. Having the TentBox and car kitted out enabled us to be flexible with our travels, stopping whenever & wherever we want to. We’re now planning some European trips for next year ?

Who do you travel with?

I travel with my wife, Marie. She is our navigator on the trips.

What’s your favourite TentBox memory so far?

We recently completed the NC500 over 6 days, travelling anti-clockwise from East to West. We used our tent box the entire way, wild camping and cooking from our car.

The scenery and views became progressively more beautiful as we travelled, and we were fortunate with the weather to have only 1 day of heavy rain.

Although the temperatures were starting to drop, we were warm and peaceful in our TentBox. Having the flexibility to stop whenever we wanted to make it a very enjoyable experience for us both.

About the TentBox Classic

The TentBox Classic is the original and most popular model. With a hard shell that pops up in less than one minute, it is the ultimate easy rooftop tent that delivers the wow-factor no matter where you take it.

It’s ideal for the winter months as it has an add on insulation, and is great for storing all of your added layers.

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