TentBox Community Stories: A Swiss Alps Adventure
TentBox Community Stories: A Swiss Alps Adventure

TentBox Community Stories: A Swiss Alps Adventure

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

Our community of TentBox enthusiasts is growing every day. We love to share community stories to inspire your next adventure and share the joy of camping with a TentBox.

This week we caught up with Kelvin & Lisa who are travelling the world together in their van (complete with a TentBox, of course).

TentBox model: TentBox Lite

Vehicle: Ford Transit Connect

Location: Swiss Alps

Community Members: Kelvin & his partner Lisa (You can find them on Instagram @snatchingsunsets)

Wild Camping Reimagined

Kelvin and Lisa have always loved camping, but sometimes the spots they wanted to reach weren’t ideal for a traditional tent. With TentBox, they’ve found a solution where they can drive directly to the location they want to ‘pitch up’ and simply put up the TentBox Lite within minutes.

They told us:

“Our TentBox served us well on our journey around the Swiss Alps this Autumn. With plentiful room and warmth for me and my partner, we slept comfortably despite the freezing temperatures. ‘Pitching’ camp was a breeze and a welcome blessing when wild camping was the only option”.

A Restful Night’s Sleep

When you choose to visit a location like the Swiss Alps, there is so much to do and see that you need a good night’s sleep to experience it all. This is where the TentBox Lite can be a great add on to any vehicle, offering a separate sleeping space for your trip.

Kelvin and Lisa shared that a good night’s sleep was much needed for all of their adventuring.

“Each morning we were awakened eager to begin our adventure after a restful night’s sleep. From hiking to urban exploring, we did it all! Prior to setting off, we questioned whether we should have chosen our first TentBox adventure as something a little closer to home, but we chose to jump in the deep end and we are now eagerly planning our next adventure”.

Experiencing Wildlife

The pair shared that one of their most exciting/ terrifying Alps experiences was camping on top of a mountain where wild lynxes roamed free.

“There was a time when we wild camped alongside a mountain top in the alps, unaware that wild lynx inhabited the region. Little to say that my partner was not pleased. Coincidentally this was Halloween and probably the scariest camp we had ever experienced! Luckily as soon as dawn broke we could fold up our TentBox and get out of there”.

About The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are a favourite with many campers and TentBox owners. The region is known for its stunning alpine landscapes, snow-capped mountains and plenty of great ski slopes. If you’re looking for a snowy getaway where you can do lots of activities, then the Swiss Alps can be a great place to travel with your TentBox.

You’ll find the Swiss Alps nestled between Bern and Lake Geneva, where there are plenty of spots to enjoy whether you like the mountain landscape or the lakes and forests that lie below in the valleys.

There is also a great selection of campsites that have all the amenities and can cater to Winter campers who need things like drying rooms for ski equipment and heating facilities. Or, if you’re a little more daring, you can always take your vehicle slightly more off-grid and park up in a secluded area. Be sure to check where you’re allowed to park beforehand though.

Campers who like high peak hiking, sheer valley views and world-class winter sports will not be disappointed by the Swiss Alps. But be warned – it is cold. Between October and March, it’s probably too cold to camp in a traditional tent, but the TentBox holds up well in these conditions.

For more travel inspiration, take a look at our stories page where we share TentBox adventures.

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