Planning the adventure of a lifetime with TentBox
Planning the adventure of a lifetime with TentBox

Planning the adventure of a lifetime with TentBox

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

We caught up with TentBox ambassador Guido, who used the tough lockdown period to get all the gear to have a premium camping experience. He bought a TentBox with his girlfriend and spent the pandemic period dreaming up amazing places to go rooftop camping once travel was allowed again.

The pair managed to sneak in an amazing summer holiday in the only period that the UK has been out of lockdown in recent times – Summer 2020. They kindly agreed to share their experience, so take a look if you need a little more TentBox inspo.

What made choose TentBox?

Guido and his girlfriend had been looking for a rooftop tent that suited their needs for a while. As avid campers they weren’t satisfied with the tents that they had used in the past, and didn’t feel that they had the level of comfort that they were looking for. Guido told me:

“My girlfriend and I bought the Tentbox Lite during the first pandemic period, to replace another tent model from another manufacturer that didn’t meet our standards sadly. We looked for another roof tent on the market that could satisfy our needs for space and opening comfort and our choice was between a used or a new tent”.

“Looking online we came across the model we then chose – the Lite. Not knowing the product, we turned to a local dealer who allowed us to see the model and physically see and touch the quality of the brand. We were immediately struck by the materials and the innovation of the product and after seeing the quality of the product and believing in the TentBox project, we ordered our model!”

Summer Holidays 2020

Although the summer period was touch and go with COVID-19 cases slowly on the rise, Guido was able to get away in his TentBox. They had an amazing trip around Italy, taking their Fiat Panda 4×4 across the country to explore the stunning landscapes, rich culture and amazing food that Italy has to offer.

“We waited anxiously for the tent to arrive to be able to leave for the summer holidays. With everything going on we were nervous that we wouldn’t be allowed to go, but luckily we were able to go away. In September 2020 we left for our first trip around Italy!”.

“The journey lasted 15 days where we crossed the length and breadth of Italy, every night staying in a different place. We loved that with the TentBox we could discover new horizons every day; we loved this type of trip straight away”.

Preparing for the next adventure

Sadly, like so many of us, Guido and his partner haven’t been able to get away as much as they’d have liked in the past year. They’re excited to make the most of their TentBox when travel is back open again and they can get away. They told us,

“So far we are still at the beginning of our TentBox journey, but the few experiences we’ve had have been amazing. We’ve made great memories and learnt a lot. Unfortunately due to the pandemic we couldn’t travel much this year, but we are preparing as best we can for the next adventure! We’re hoping our next TentBox trip will last much longer than the usual two weeks of summer holidays”.

“Now we’ve experimented with a short trip with the TentBox, we’re ready to take it on longer adventures. In fact this is our life goal – we hope one day it will come true! We dream of a perpetual journey where we can continuously have new experiences and get to know new culture”.

You can follow the couples’ future adventures and preparations on their instagram page or on the PandaTravelers youtube channel.

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