Owen Talks Adventures With The TentBox Lite 
Owen Talks Adventures With The TentBox Lite 

Owen Talks Adventures With The TentBox Lite 

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

We caught up with our latest Brand Ambassador – Owen – to discuss why having a roof tent is so handy.

Owen is the proud owner of the TentBox Lite – Soft Shell Roof Tent which is the lightest and most nimble of our collection. Although it may be smaller, the Lite still packs a punch – featuring a mattress and integrated skylight so you can watch the stars as you snooze.

We caught up with Owen to discuss his adventures so far and find out why he’s so happy to vouch for TentBox being the best roof top tent on the market.

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What Made You Choose The TentBox Lite?

To be honest I really liked the colour and overall look of the TentBox Lite. I have a bright Orange van, so I liked that it matched my van and fitted on nicely. It was perfect for what I needed it for, and although it was lighter and smaller it still had enough room to pop up and sleep two people.

Where Is The Best Place You’ve Been With The TentBox Lite?

It’s hard to pick just one place – we tend to go away quite a lot on weekends now we have the TentBox. In fact, just this weekend we were in West Wales, close to home, enjoying the outdoors nearby.

TentBox has meant we’ve been able to travel more, even though COVID has interrupted some Europe travel plans we had. We recently did a road trip up around Mid/ North wales which was an absolute gem in the TentBox.

We first went to a place called Borth and pitched up on the beach for the night. It was so great to be able to literally just park up and camp with the roof tent on the top of the van. The following day, after some breakfast, we headed up north to Betws y Coed for the day which is full of beautiful walking trails and waterfalls.

After that, we drove into the mountains above Cardigan Bay and found a beautiful spot on an app called ‘park4night’. It makes it really easy to find out where you can park and ensures you don’t get in trouble for parking anywhere you shouldn’t be.

Once we’d set up camp we lit the bbq, cracked a couple of beers and watched the comet neowise high up in the night sky through the skylight.

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Where Would You Like To Travel In The Future With TentBox?

The beauty of the TentBox is that you pop it on the roof and you’re away. We are loving this tent so far and in the next couple of weeks we are heading up to Scotland to travel around the highlands which is really exciting.

We’ll probably spend some time hiking and cycling up there, as well as enjoying the scenery. Our plans this summer were to travel around Europe for a few weeks camping, but we haven’t made that happen yet because of COVID.

In the future, we plan to do a big road trip to France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and all over Europe really on a trip. Tentbox has meant we can travel much more and makes things a lot easier.

The ease of putting the TentBox up and down really is a bonus and you’re up off the ground so you don’t get that damp dew feeling that you sometimes get with a tent, meaning you can camp all year round.

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