Learn More About The TentBox Classic From Our Ambassador Meghan
Learn More About The TentBox Classic From Our Ambassador Meghan

Learn More About The TentBox Classic From Our Ambassador Meghan

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

The TentBox Classic is one of our ultimate models, and our ambassador Meghan is a proud owner of the hard shell tent that is reshaping the world of camping.

The hard shell rooftop tent has become a classic due to its spacious set up, sturdy structure and one minute pop up time which is always a crowd pleaser.

We caught up with Meghan to chat about her TentBox experience and share her travel stories to inspire your next trip.

Tell Us About Your TentBox

I have the White TentBox Classic, which is the hard shell roof top tent that sits on top of my truck. I love this particular model because the bedding can be stored inside and there’s enough room for two.

It makes life so much easier when camping, as the hard shell version is very easy to set up and tear down when you’re moving from place to place.

TentBox travels in the mountains

What Are The Best Trips You’ve Been On With TentBox?

My top 3 favourite trips thus far have been dispersed camping on Weston Pass, a campground at Lake Navajo on the southern Colorado border, and a BLM campground near Salida.

Weston Pass is one of the highest roads in Colorado, at 3.633m up. It was so amazing to be able to drive all the way up and then camp wherever we felt like. The views are amazing, and it feels so remote. Part of the road is so old that it was used by Native Ute Indians, and is known as the “road to riches” as it was used by gold and silver prospectors looking for riches.

Lake Navajo is equally as stunning, and is the second largest state in New Mexico. If you’re looking for beautiful natural views and perhaps to even try some open water swimming then Lake Navajo is for you. It’s a totally remote and unique landscape with amazing views and hiking trails to enjoy whilst you’re there.

Salida BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is also located in Colorado and is located next to a canyon with amazing mountain views. The Salida mountains are snow free for most of the year, making them a great place to hike and cycle almost all year round. It’s the perfect place to camp and enjoy the rockies.

Colorado mountains with TentBox What Do You Love About Your TentBox?

I love the convenience the TentBox provides for me to set up anywhere where a car can park. I am able to keep it on the back of my truck full time without any real loss in gas mileage.

The ability to store all of my bedding in addition to a 2 inch foam mattress topper is unbelievable and extremely helpful for allowing for additional room in the truck. We previously didn’t really camp much because of sleeping on the ground, but being about 7ft up in the air on a thick foam mattress gives us the comfort we need to sleep through the night.

I would definitely recommend getting a TentBox, and specifically the Classic model I have, because not only can it double as a storage box if you choose too, but everything you need to sleep is inside and ready to deploy at any moment. This has allowed us to camp even closer to the activities we love doing, and not waste any time commuting from a hotel or waking up extremely early to get somewhere further away.

Colorado rockies with TentBox

Where Would You Like To Travel With TentBox In The Future?

I’m really interested in taking the TentBox from Colorado to Pennsylvania to camp along the way and visit my family.

I’d also love to take a road trip with lots of camping and skiing up through Canada and into Alaska. This is definitely on the bucket list as I know that Canada and Alaska are ideal for activity holidays.

Plus, I’d love to adventure up to Minnesota with the kayaks and paddle board to explore all of their lakes.

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