Future Travel Plans With The TentBox Classic
Future Travel Plans With The TentBox Classic

Future Travel Plans With The TentBox Classic

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

We caught up with proud owner of a TentBox Classic, Nick, as he took us through some of his future travel plans. Although 2020 & the start of 2021 has been tough, things seem to be looking up in terms of local travel. Get your future travel inspiration here, as Nick shares some of his favourite locations and travel plans.

What made you choose TentBox?

I saw a TentBox ad on Instagram and I was sold. I had been looking for rooftop tents and was comparing the models and the costs. At this point I hadn’t been on holiday for ages, about 2 years, and I wanted to get away.

Lockdown was tough and I knew that for the foreseeable future it would be UK holidays with full campsites, so I knew TentBox would be an awesome investment.

Are you happy you took the plunge?

So happy I did! It’s great to get away to lots of different places without having to move around too much. When the TentBox arrived I was taken back by the quality – it’s been built so well. It’s lightweight but sturdy and the bed inside is so comfortable. It beats a tent any day.

What model did you go for?

We have the TentBox Classic – it is so easy to pop up and as long as I can park in a marked bay I can basically sleep anywhere. I thought about getting the Lite but chose not to because it folds out and takes up a bit more space. Stopping and popping the top up of the TentBox Classic never gets old!

What trips do you have planned with your TentBox?

So I have the 3 peaks challenge planned as something I’ve always wanted to do, and the TentBox makes it easier. I’m not doing it in 24hrs because that’s insane! I’m going to do it slowly but am super excited.

I’m also planning to do the Jurassic Coast, North Devon and then Lands End too on an epic trip. I’m meeting a friend who is doing a marathon there so I’ll pitch up and support her – she’s doing man vs coast so I can follow her along with my TentBox!

Then on the 28th June I plan to head to the Lake District all things going well. I’ve got the Park4Night app and it’s such a game changer because I don’t need to plan out where I go too much. As long as I have the app I can find places almost anywhere which is great.

Tell us more about your TentBox experience

I’m a really active person, so anytime I have time off I plan to go away. Pretty much every weekend or long weekend I try to do something fun and get out there. TentBox makes it so easy – I can go wherever I want. I also pack a tent so that I can travel with more than 2 people and they can camp out and I have the luxury of the rooftop tent.

In the past I’ve loved driving around Europe – Italy, Spain and South of France. That is something I would do in the past with a tent but with TentBox I think it will change how I travel, making it so much easier to stop. I had an adventurous lifestyle anyway, but now I want to make the most of my investment and get away as much as possible. I’m so excited to go to Europe and travel further afield.

I’ve got the dog as well, he has his own passport! He loves the TentBox and will come with me wherever I go. He loves being up there, and seems to enjoy looking out the window.

People say “oh you could’ve bought a camper van” etc. But actually with a trailer or a van, you have so much maintenance and so much risk. Eg – it could breakdown, MOT, issues etc. With a TentBox it’s so low maintenance and easy and for me, it makes perfect sense.

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