TentBox Takeover: Bringing people together
TentBox Takeover: Bringing people together

TentBox Takeover: Bringing people together

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Jul 1, 2024

Our customers are always telling us that the best part about buying a TentBox is becoming part of the TentBox Community. 

With meet-up events happening all over the country, the TentBox Takeovers are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. 

We recently attended a Takeover in Sussex, where we caught up with some seasoned TentBoxers about their experiences.

A white campervan parked in a green field with a black TentBox Cargo on top

The TentBox community

“I got my TentBox three years ago now. My favourite thing about TentBoxing is the community to be honest. Like-minded people organising events. You don’t see it with other companies.” 

“It’s great, simple. I leave mine on all year round. Orange is my favourite colour. When I saw it I thought, that’s the one. I like that the Cargo is compact and streamlined. The storage is great as well.”

– Derek, Cargo 1.0 owner

A TentBox experience

“We’ve been away the last six weekends! Chuck everything in on a Friday night and you’re good to go. We got a TentBox so we could get away quickly. We’ve done the whole caravan thing. Towing it, parking it. We’ve had trailer tents. TentBox is just so quick to set up.” 

“It’s amazing how much interest we get. Fun really. It’s just about getting away in the outdoors.”

– Phil, Cargo 1.0 owner

TentBox Takeover event, featuring two cars with TentBoxes on top

The TentBox wave

“My favourite thing about the TentBox is how easy it is. And the people! Everyone’s very friendly and talkative, you always get a little wave.”

– Max, Lite 1.0 owner 

“I wanted a campervan but couldn’t afford it. When I was researching vans, I came across TentBox. The headline was ‘turn your car into a camper’. It was a sign!

“It’s brilliant. The people are so friendly. You’re driving along with your TentBox on, see another one coming and give them the TentBox wave!”

– Nigel, Lite 1.0 owner

A fluffy grey and white dog enjoying the TentBox Takeover event in Sussex

A TentBox romance

“I started off with the Lite 2.0, then upgraded to the Cargo 2.0 so I could leave my bedding in it. It gives you the opportunity to get out, attend events like this and meet all sorts of people.

"We actually met through TentBox – we’re a TentBox couple! Now we go TentBoxing together.”

– Dana & Adam, Cargo 2.0 owners

Are you looking to meet and chat with fellow TentBoxers? Join the TentBox Community and look out for Takeover events near you.

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