Double Trouble For Ambassador Jamie Who Owns Not One But Two TentBoxes!
Double Trouble For Ambassador Jamie Who Owns Not One But Two TentBoxes!

Double Trouble For Ambassador Jamie Who Owns Not One But Two TentBoxes!

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

It makes us so happy to hear that people love their TentBoxes, so when Jamie got in touch to share his story we wanted to pass it on! Jamie has had a TentBox for years and was actually in our first cohort of customers.

He’s loved his TentBox lifestyle so much that he’s decided to buy another one this year to take on more exciting adventures. We caught up with him to hear his favourite places to visit with his TentBox.

What made you get another TentBox?

I’ve had a TentBox for about 5 years but just got the new classic l so I can take more people away and enjoy the new upgraded model. I love the TentBox Classic. It suits me with how quick it is to put up and how I can keep bedding in it as I travel.

What do you love about TentBox?

That I can go away every weekend! Every weekend in the summer I’m up at the coast around North Wales – mainly the abersoch area. I’m involved in the Pwc Gwynedd jetski club and the TentBox lets me go on more of these adventures!

Do you have any recommendations for the TentBox Community?

Sure! My top locations would be Abersoch – there are a couple of car parks you are allowed to stay in and you have beautiful views of the sea. My absolute favourite is Porth Lago. It’s absolutely stunning and cheap for the night.

Obviously 2020 hasn’t been a great year for travel, but what are your plans for 2021?

Having a TentBox Classic is the best for local travel, so we’re excited to see more of the UK. We’ve got lots of plans camping wise after lockdown. I’m in the process of organising a big camp out for TentBox owners at Blackrock sands Porthmadog.

I’ve got a trade stall coming up at Camper Jam and just waiting back for a pitch at an upcoming show which will be exciting. I’ll also be set up on Blackrock Sands Porthmadog with my TentBox at the jet ski clubs annual charity day to raise money for various charities.

I’m excited to get away more in 2021, with lockdowns easing it’s a great time to have two TentBoxes!

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