Roof Tent Camping with a Honda Element
Roof Tent Camping with a Honda Element

Roof Tent Camping with a Honda Element

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Name: Jeremiah Davis
Location: Venice Beach, California
Vehicle (make and model): Honda Element

Jeremiah has a pretty great life. He’s an awesome videographer who does work for all sorts of brands, all around the world. This includes artists such as Tiësto, and The Chainsmokers. In fact, TentBox even featured in a Tiësto music video which used Jeremiah’s car. The video has almost 9 million views, but sadly the TentBox was never actually popped up. We’ll still use it as a claim to fame though!

Jeremiah uses the Instagram handle , if you check out his profile, you’ll see all sorts of pictures of his fun-filled lifestyle. One day he’ll be in Bali, then the next thing you know he’s on a plane back to the USA to go skydiving, before heading to China. Definitely check him out, just be warned of the major Wanderlust awaiting you.

Jeremiah was kind enough to find some time in his busy schedule to answer some of our questions:

What do you use your TentBox for?

The reason that I got a TentBox was because I wanted to turn my Honda Element into a camping machine. I love being outside, and whenever I’m in the states I take road trips to surf, to visit national parks, and most importantly to go sky diving in new locations!

What’s your favorite trip with your TentBox so far?

Me and a few buddies took a trip down to Mexico to go surfing. We managed to find a spot to park on the top of a cliff and waking up in the TentBox to views of the Ocean was awesome.

What is your favourite thing about your TentBox?

I love the freedom it gives me to just spontaneously get away, knowing I have a comfortable place to sleep, that’s easy and quick to set-up anywhere that I can park. I know I mentioned it in the last answer, but the views out of the windows are unbeatable!

What would you say to someone thinking about getting a TentBox?

Just do it. You only live once, and the adventures it allows you to have are worth every dollar.

Jeremiah made this review / trip video for us. We love it!

One of Jeremiah’s videos. We’re famous, we promise! If you skip to 1:05, we feature for 2 seconds.

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