Check Out The Best UK Travel Spots To Take The TentBox Classic
Check Out The Best UK Travel Spots To Take The TentBox Classic

Check Out The Best UK Travel Spots To Take The TentBox Classic

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Are you thinking about buying the TentBox Classic? We caught up with Sarah, the proud owner of the Classic model to ask about her latest rooftop tent travels! Find some inspiration for your next trip and learn more about the Classic Model in this article.

Tell us about your TentBox

I have the TentBox Classic. I’ve always wanted a Campervan, but owning my own property and day to day bills meant I could never quite save enough to get one, so I started to look around for alternative options. I remembered seeing roof tents when backpacking in Australia and decided to start doing some research on these locally and see if anyone offered a suitable option.

I came across TentBox and instantly knew this was what I needed to go for, I’m very local to TentBox headquarters as well so it was nice knowing I would be supporting a local busy during a tough period with the pandemic (I purchased my TentBox Aug 2020)

What adventures have you been on with TentBox?

Since restrictions have started to ease, May and June have been crazy travelling months for me in the TentBox, making the most of every weekend and some annual leave. The first trip I booked this year was to Croyde, North Devon.

I originally booked for 3 nights at Ocean Pitch campsite which is a fantastic site. They have great staff and are extremely welcoming to roof tents. The site is home to Biffens Kitchen which serves street inspired surf food breakfast and dinner. I ended up staying an extra night as it was so great and everyone loved the TentBox.

I was lucky enough to bag myself the best pitch on the site which looks out over Croyde beach, nothing better than waking up early morning opening up the TentBox side panel and watching the sunrise along with all the yogi’s carrying out their morning practice on the beach and the surfers hitting the waves!! 5 days of surfing, hiking, sun, sea and TentBox….a great start to the season.

Any other trips to share?

The next trip was to Burton Bradstock, Bridport staying at Graston Copse campsite. I arrived on Friday evening, set up and soon had a group of four asking lots of questions about the TentBox and climbing up in there to check it out.

They had had a few down the pub and were on the way back to their van. They just reminded me of my parents and their best friends. It was great to see their enthusiasm for how fun they thought the TentBox was and how good it was to see a solo female traveller getting out there and making the most of our country.

Sunrise in bed out the front window, sunset in bed from the back window….I’ll forever be that girl who gets really excited with sunrises and sunsets and TentBox allows me to enjoy them in the best way!!

Then the 3rd trip this month was Swanage staying at Woodhyde campsite, Swanage has the best childhood memories for me so being able to just shoot off down there, go on a huge 16 mile epic Jurassic Coast Hike from Durlston castle to Chapman’s Pool and know I can come back and set up the tent within 45 seconds especially when it’s raining and windy and as a solo female traveller, knowing I don’t have to fuss around trying to get the poles together or guide ropes in on a tent is such a bonus. I’ve always been a huge traveller – it’s part of me – and TentBox gives me so much freedom and the ability to just embrace every stunning place we have in this country.

What are your future plans with your TentBox?

My next trip will be to the Lake District. I have a week there and a couple nights in the TentBox along with the odd night in a B&B purely because I have some monster hikes planned and know a bath will be needed. If TentBox could come up with a covered bath attachment that would be great (haha!)

I can’t wait to get up there and get parked up against some incredible backdrops like Wastwater. After the Lake District I have Wales booked for a hike up Pen Y Fan and then it’s Weymouth and Cornwall….it’s going to be a summer to remember!!

Any tips and tricks you’d be able to share with the TentBox community?

  • One thing I would always say especially as a solo traveller is to embrace people talking to you at campsites and them wanting to know more about the TentBox.
  • Places to go – anywhere along the South West Coast Path and Jurassic Coast is a huge tick from me, the views and scenery is incredible at every compass point, great hiking and water sports it ticks all the boxes
  • One tip with the TentBox is get a little step ladder to sit in your boot, I am 5ft2 so when it comes to getting the TentBox down I do need that little lift up but practice and a couple of times of doing it and I’ve got it nailed now!!

The TentBox is the best purchase I have ever made it’s given me so much freedom and independence and I have my own Instagram travelling page for it now where I show all the fab locations I’ve been to and things I have done when there, I’m so looking forward to making more of the best memories for myself.

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