Ambassador Rachel Shares Her Adventures With TentBox
Ambassador Rachel Shares Her Adventures With TentBox

Ambassador Rachel Shares Her Adventures With TentBox

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May 23, 2023

We caught up with one of our ambassadors – Rachel – who filled us in on her latest TentBox adventures in the UK. Rachel is a Land Rover owner, mountain climber and environmental enthusiast, so a TentBox is her ideal partner in crime.

She’s been able to get away on long weekends and holiday trips with her boyfriend, and has taken an avid interest in photography since exploring the beautiful British countryside with TentBox.

Take a look at her travel adventures in the UK…

Travelling To The Lake District TentBox Style

Rachel and her partner are avid climbers, so the Lake District offers them the perfect landscape to go exploring by foot.

“We do a lot of climbing and like being out in the mountains” she told me, “so it was ideal to be able to park close to where we were going the next day. We have lots of early starts – normally around 5am – and being able to head straight off on our climb instead of having to drive somewhere is perfect”.

Instead of staying in a hostel or AirBnB as they normally would, Rachel has started using TentBox to get straight to their location and start their climb earlier than normal. This has meant that during their stay in the beautiful Lake District they were able to catch the sunrise over the mountains and valleys upon waking.

The Lake District is a really popular location for TentBoxers as the natural landscape and views are breathtaking. For many, this location offers a relaxing getaway and allows them to switch off from the outside world for a bit.

“The Lake District was perfect for our climbing adventure, we were able to get away and immerse ourselves in nature. Plus, with loads of places to park up in the Lake District, it was always easy to find somewhere to leave the car and go exploring”.

A Scottish Getaway To The Isle Of Skye

Rachel went on to tell me about her recent trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland during winter (brave!). Although they got snow, she told me they had an amazing time exploring the stunning scenery and getting some winter climbing done.

“We did a big trip all around Scotland over the new year. It was lovely but the weather was terrible but we still tackled the Cuillin Ridge – dubbed as the UK’s most challenging mountain range. We had another 5am start to get up there for sunrise, so again the TentBox was handy as we could sleep where we left the car and then walk straight away instead of having to drive there”.

Despite the name, The Isle of Skye is actually connected to Scotland’s northwest coast by bridge, so they were able to drive there. It’s full of stunning rugged landscapes, picturesque fishing villages and medieval castles and is very quiet and peaceful – perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

UK Travel With TentBox

Rachel told me that she’s passionate about UK travel – not only because it means she’s able to see the UK with her partner, but because it’s very environmentally friendly too.

“At the moment we’ve only been around the UK with our TentBox, which is ideal for us as we’re very environmentally conscious. We like adventuring around the UK and travelling by car. It means we don’t have to fly which is important to us for environmental reasons. TentBox is great for being able to get out and see places in the UK all the time, plus we save so much money now we always have a place to sleep”.

Rachel uses the classic TentBox and loves it because of how easy it is to use. As a solo traveller from time to time, she values the quick and easy pop up top that means she doesn’t have to be faffing by the side of the road.

“The main reason we got a TentBox is because it’s so easy to put up and there’s no stress, it’s super easy to get into too. It’s ideal for me if I do solo trips and I’m parking up in the dark alone if it’s raining or whatever, being able to put it up and down on my own with ease is really important for me”.

In terms of comfort, Rachel told me that the TentBox is perfect for what they need it for and allows them to get off road and go to cool places that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to pitch a tent at.

“We can literally just park up and get the TentBox up and it’s done. Comfort-wise it’s very comfortable too. My boyfriend is 6’1 and we’ve never had a problem with fitting us and our stuff in the TentBox comfortably”.

For more information on how to start adventuring with TentBox today – take a look at our Classic TentBox.

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